Update on recently flooded wrestling museum

The IWIM in the midst of the Floods of 08.

The IWIM in the midst of the Floods of '08.

The folks at the Dan Gable International Wrestling Institute and Museum in Waterloo, Iowa, recently posted an update on the museum’s condition and how fundraising is going. This update, also posted below, as well as donation information, can be found here.

Some ten weeks after being devastated by the worst flood in Iowa history, the Dan Gable International Wrestling Institute and Museum is working very hard to get back on its feet.

“It’s a long, somewhat painful process,” said Mike Chapman, executive director since the museum’s inception over 11 years ago. “With each passing week, we realize even more poignantly the extant of the tragedy, and also how important the museum is to thousands of wrestling fans across the nation.”

Chapman said donations have come in at a steady pace, ranging in size from $10 to $10,000. “The donations have cut through all social strata, and have been a tremendous boost to our plans.”

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Matthews and York to WWE?

Tonight we're going to party like it's 1999.

Tonight we're going to party like it's 1999.

Over at Slam Wrestling, they are reporting that per Joey Matthews, that Christian York and Joey Matthews/Mercury are heading back to WWE. The announcement came after Joey Matthews cut a promo stating they were on the way out so we all wait to see if this is truth or hype.

If true, this is great news for the year 1999 back when these guys were the hottest indy tag-team in the country. Now, well, there is no tag division and their return, after months in Florida undoubtedly, will not bring it back. It’s good they are going to get a paycheck but it means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

For those of you who haven’t figured it out, WWE tag-team wrestling does not rate. On a scale of one to twenty it rates a zero. That is worse than if the scale was from one to ten.

If this is true though, it is good news for Joey Matthews as an ugly period in his career and life will hopefully come full circle and have a happy ending. He is going to need to stay clean and strong this time around and hopefully will avoid the serious injury that plagued his final few months his last time around WWE.  -Jeremy

Coming Clean About The Miz

Eat a dick Stunt Granny.

Eat a dick Stunt Granny.

Ok, I am officially embarrassed to say I am a fan of The Miz. John Morrison always seemed ok to me but after the latest Dirt Sheet at WWE.com I am officially a fan of both. Yes, it is official, I am out of the closet of The Miz and don’t feel dirty about it. So what if I am coming out too late but it’s better to get this out in the open now instead of letting it eat away at my soul. My, dirty, sinful soul.

The simple fact that this slays the 80’s and 90’s rap video archetype is not just great, it is insanely clever for a WWE production. Why these aren’t being shown on ECW is beyond me but we all here at Stunt Granny encourage everyone to check this out. -Jeremy

Hulkamania Wrestling: Break son out of jail, rub princess, inject 1-Ups

Oh, I'm sure J.R. will be thrilled about that.

Oh, I'm sure J.R. will be pleased about this.

Jason Powell at Prowrestling.net alerted readers to this article at PocketGamer.co.uk about the new “Hulkamania Wrestling” mobile video game, which looks like a giant turd. I do like how the ring is at an angle, like Fire Pro Wrestling. Jesus, did I just compare this piece of junk to Fire Pro? I’m sorry, how about WWF WrestleMania Challenge for the NES? Remember how if you were the Ultimate Warrior and you threw Andre the Giant over the top rope, he couldn’t get back in the ring? Yep, Hulk’s new game looks about that exciting. And honestly, how does Hogan continue to get his name and likeness licensed for all this stuff? American Gladiators, that fantasy fly-fishing thing (no, I’m not kidding), a grill, this… his life is a fucking trainwreck! I want to be overpaid white trash, too… better run out and get my Hulkster grill right now, dude! -Eric

Kevin Nash Is Still Mellow

Make the check to Kevin Nash.

Make the check to Kevin Nash.

The Baltimore Sun has two different video blogs by Kevin Eck where he interviews Kevin Nash backstage after an independent show. It’s a pretty good interview as the laid back Nash gives his thoughts on TNA and his place in the company.

There are some particularly funny things in this. His reaction to people not knowing he still wrestles is very nice. His shoulder shrug shows his total acceptance of his career at this point in time.

You gotta love how Big Kev implicates himself in drinking and driving. His honesty when talking about booking himself over if given the chance is pretty awesome. Ok, this entire thing is really good. Comparing Chris Jericho to a country Bon Jovi is classic. Of course the dummy asking if Rebbecca really got hit was astoundingly stupid. Give both of the videos a watch. They total about thirteen minutes. -Jeremy.

The Art of Wrestling – ECW Part II

I couple of weeks ago I started breaking down the styles of ring gear of the ECW roster.  I’m here to continue the prognosis of the other Superstars that I skipped.

The Miz – On his way to the ring he was wearing a black fedora with a white band that had black leopard spots and his very own “Chick Magnet” t-shirt.  In the ring, the Miz sported a pair of long shorts that were black with a red velour pattern and light yellow trim.  In the middle of the pattern was a black and white yin and yang.  On the bottom of the shorts, near his knee is a black patch with white eyes.  The miz also wears black elbow pads and three Under Armour wrist bands on his forearms that are grey, black and red.   Certainly one of the most complex designs that I’d like to get a closer look at but his pictures on WWE.com aren’t quite up to date with what I saw.  I’d also like to know the meaning of the eyes.  The look fits his personality to a ‘T’.

A much better fedora without a leopard pattern band. - Photo brought to you from withaswing.com

A much better fedora without a leopard pattern band. - Photo brought to you from withaswing.com

John Morrison – John was wearing a black robe with gold trim and studs that has fur on the shoulders and back with a hybrid cross and starburst design.  He sports two silver neck chains and dark brown sunglasses on his way to the ring too.  In the ring, his pants were a olive green velour and had the same hybrid cross and starburst design  which was trimmed in red with silver highlights.  The pants also had a black belt with silver studs.  John’s boots were brown and fur covered at the top with the same hybrid cross and starburst design that was gold and silver.  This outfit is the pinnacle of complex in ECW and also fits his persona with how gaudy it is.  The browns and olive green colors are muted so it helps to pop the trim that is silver and gold.  This page from WWE.com has a nice shot of the pants and design on the boots but is a different color than he was wearing the night I wrote this piece.

Hornswoggle – At the base of his outfit is a white shirt with a ruffled center and sleeve cuffs.  Over top of that is an orangish-gold vest with three buttons.  The top layer is green both on his jacket and his pants.  Horny wears some green and white sneakers.  He also wears a hat with a gold band around the base.  This design is predictable WWE which does a decent job of playing to his “leprechaun” status.

FinlayHis singlet has a black stripe down the center that has a green shamrock in the middle of his upper body.  That stripe is flanked by green with a celtic knot on both hips.  Finlay wears white boots with a green lace pattern on the sides.  This design is yet again very predictable considering how much they emphasize Finlay’s raising and heritage in Northern Ireland.  Both and him Hornswoggle outfits are fine though.

This is the knot that Finlay has on the side of his trunks but it's black with white trim. - Photo courtesy of www.sisterscandlesandcrafts.com/celtic.htm

This is the knot that Finlay has on the side of his trunks but it is black with white trim. Photo courtesy of http://www.sisterscandlesandcrafts.com/celtic.htm

Mark Henry – He was wearing a black singlet with a white “WSM” on each leg along with a design that looks to be someone dead lifting weights.  Mark wears black knee pads and boots.  The simple designs are in for the killer heels and this one is no different.

Matt Hardy – He wears his t-shirt to the ring.  Matt has pants that are red with black and white highlights.  They appear to be regular pants because they have pockets that are solid red and have the Matt Hardy “MH” logo in black and white on them.  The pants also have a black stripe down the middle of the leg and white trim around the zipper.  They are held up by a white belt with a design which go through white belt loops.  To finish things up, he has black elbow pads with white tape tape from his hands up to his forearms.  Matt has another fairly complicated design that is probably designed by his brother.  It stays simple with the colors though which makes it look slick.

If you have a problem with my taste or want to bring up aspects of the designs, get a hold of me at kevin@stuntgranny.com. – Kevin

Shelton Benjamin Looks Stupid

This would have been better.

This would have been better.

WWE.com has a photo spread of Candice Michelle and Shelton Benjamin at the Democratic National Convention. Now the pics are nothing special but they require a look for two things.

One, Candice looks a lot different then the last time she was on Raw breaking her collarbone. Not sure if it is an improvement but she sure looks different.

The second reason is to see what a total tool Shelton Benjamin looks like walking around a pep rally, yes that is all it is, with a gold belt on while wearing a suit. Sure there are a bunch of other retards in the crowd but they are what they are. They are freaks of nature that have the power to vote. They aren’t to be taken seriously. If so they wouldn’t have dressed like it was 80% off day at Miracle Hill.

Shelton, on the other hand, is an adult male in a nice suite, carrying around his United States title, representing a multi-million dollar company. Whoever told him he needed the belt should be fired immediately. It encompasses all the bad stigmas of pro wrestling. So congrats WWE. -Jeremy

See Ya Next Year!

Get outta here.

Get outta here.

According to PWInsider, by way of ProWrestling.net (Yes again, damn), that Ken Kennedy is actually going through with surgery to repair his bum shoulder. Ken is scheduled for surgery Friday and will be out for upwards of six months. This guy can’t catch a break and he better hope WWE doesn’t forget about him. He is proving to be about as reliable as Randy Orton.

It is also rumored he will be having radical surgery done to remove his head out of his ass and then his feet, yes both of them, from his mouth. It is a dangerous procedure due to the high rate of redundant pedial chronitis. In other words, he is bound to do it all over again.

We here at Stunt Granny wish Mr. Ken Kennedy Anderson a speedy recovery. -Jeremy

Um, Yeah, He May Be A Free Agent Soon.

High pay and low stress. I'll drink to that.

High pay and low stress. I'll drink to that.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of ProWrestling.net, Christian Cage‘s contract with TNA is set to expire at the end of the year. This was big news back when Christian was somebody in TNA and not in the exact same position he was when he left WWE. When was the last time anyone said or wrote, “Boy, I am looking forward to Christian’s match against ______?” it hasn’t happened in over a year. Curiously enough, Christian will continue to be pushed as is since he is so muddled in the grand scheme no one will notice. It’s a shame really since he came in with a lot of potential and had a good run as champion. TNA never found a way to keep him near the top though, even if he didn’t lose a match in over a year at one point. Christian never seemed important after he lost the NWA/TNA title. -Jeremy

From Right Here, In TNA!

Yeah, thumbs up or whatever. Give me money.

Yeah, thumbs up or whatever. Give me money.

Our old friend and old bossman, Wade Keller, over at PWTorch.com is reporting that Mick Foley has signed with TNA and will debut as soon as his contract with WWE finally expires at the end of the month. On the surprise scale between 1 and 20 place me at an eleven. Foley has always been a prudent businessman and has a keen storytelling sense and these are the main reasons he should and should not be in TNA.

There really are two ways of looking at this news and both benefit Mick financially. So who can blame the man for getting the top dollar available? On the flip side, is money worth a tarnished legacy after he is booked poorly in TNA and becomes just another wrestler? More on this later. -Jeremy

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