Is this Ric and Reid Flair’s future?

Let’s hope now that Ric Flair isn’t with the WWE that he doesn’t get his own reality TV show and start putting lotion on Reid’s bare bottom by the pool side. – Kevin

Braden Walker released, doorway buttered

Alright, who thought of Chris Harris?

Alright, who thought of Chris Harris?

According to, Braden Walker has been released. This comes after his poor showing backstage with Matt Hardy — and when Matt Hardy shows you up on the microphone, you might as well pack up your yellow helmet and go to the circus — and his seriously subpar in-ring debut on Tuesday’s ECW program. He was lethargic and largely unathletic, to the point where I’m going to tune in next week to see if he’s still climbing down from the ropes. -Eric

What The Hell Is A CableFax Award?

The Remaining Golden Girls Applaud The Nominees

The Remaining Golden Girls Applaud The Nominees

Somehow WWE has multiple nominations for something called a CableFAX Program Award. I have never heard of it so it can’t be important. In fact, the Cable Ace awards must have had some prototype awards left in a warehouse next to all of those extra copies of “E.T.” for the Atari 2600 and decided, “What the hell, let’s get rid of these worthless pieces of shit. We can’t just give them away so we’ll create an award named after a dead technology and hand it out to the most ridiculous people we can think of.”

Really, was there really no one better to nominate than a wrestling program? It’s like they made up an entire category to shoehorn in WWE somehow. What the hell is an “Other” category? Does the beagle from “The Puppy Bowl” get some sort of consideration? Because that dog stole the show and is much more convincing than Shawn Michaels.

These are quite possibly the stupidest awards ever conceived. They include the mediocre and childish writing of WWE television and put it in the same breath as legitimate productions like “Californication,” “Flight of The Conchords,” and “Larry King Live.” Alright, the last one was a bad example. Shawn Michaels is in for a fight with “Who the Hell Is” Bear Gylls from “Man vs. Wild” and “I’m Lucky to Be on a Cool Show” Don Wildman from “Cities of the Underworld.”

Ken Kennedy Hurt……..again

I'll take a Mr. Pibb with a siode of hashrounds and gravy.

I'll take a Mr. Pibb with a side of hash rounds and gravy.

According to, Ken “Mr. Kennedy” Anderson has a legit shoulder injury that is going to keep him out of action for a “few weeks.” Yes, this is the same Mr. Kennedy who has spent more time out of the ring than in one in the last year and a half. His troubles started when WWE installed their Wellness Policy drug screenings and it has been downhill since. He has missed time for suspension, injury or for filming straight-to-DVD movies for the better part of two years. Sure, the latter was done with the intent to raise his stock in the eyes of the WWE fans, but after this latest setback and his incredibly average physique (you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t), it is going to be hard for him to maintain any sort of presence. Those crowd pops will only last so long before it becomes obvious he is not dependable.-Jeremy

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