Please Let Us Say GoodBye

That's right bitches.

That's right bitches.

Can WWE please do us a favor and get rid of The Great Khali?

After Summerslam, what is left for the Punjabi Nightmare? He has already feuded with Triple H, Undertaker, Batista, John Cena, Kane and even Finlay. There is nowhere to go with him at this point. He has no logical feuds or issues with anyone else on the Smackdown roster.

They moved him off of Raw due to the same issue. They could always drag out another match with Triple H but it is a repeat at this point. Their first match was not very good and even put me in to some sort of weird coma that prevented me from enjoying the rest of Summerslam.

This isn’t a slam at Khali and his abilities even if they are limited. He was brought in based on his size and they have gotten as much from him and possibly even more.

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