You All Got Duped!

What up assholes?

What up assholes?

Apparently we were all wrong about Ashley Massaro’s new gig as an exotic dancer. Well, at least that is what she is telling everyone. She posted on her MySpace page that it was all lies and she would never appear in a strip club for a signing and especially not for dancing. None of this makes any sense as the club had posters made up and was advertising for weeks ahead of time that the “Dirty Diva” would be appearing on their hallowed stage with other Playboy bunnies.

Nope, definitely wasn’t supposed to appear.

Nope, definitely wasn’t supposed to appear.

So, first things first.  Hey a-holes that said I was appearing at a strip club last week.  Dead wrong.  I was no where nmear nor will I ever be, doing a SIGNING and or appearance in a strip club, UI actually found it quite funny while I was at home updating my myspace.  All of these so called news sites saying I would be there.  Apparently tmz even wanted to talk about it. So crazy!  So, for anybody that actually went there to see me and didn;t, I apologize for the lack of responsibility on many peoples parts. If I had known about this sooner I could have tried to fix it before anyone went there to see me.  But alas I was alerted to it probably the same time as you guys.  So anyone who went to that place to see me.  Sorry you got duped, I’ll be sure to make another app. soon in NY to make up for that.

Is Ashley implying that a strip club, a strip club, would do something dishonest and lie about who is appearing in their establishment? Is it possible that her appearance got cancelled once word got out? The club in general is in Commack, NY and she was in Atlantic City the next night. Regardless of the truth of it all, we here at StuntGranny know a certain someone named Noslen Cire that wasted time and money traveling across the Midwest just to deposit his hard earned two dollar bills. For shame Ashley, for shame. -Jeremy

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