John Cena’s return can – and should – wait

Yeah, fuck that.

Yeah, fuck that.

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It’s not every surgical neck repair that ends with an athlete being able to get back into competition within four months. Sometimes it takes a year or more to heal, rehab, and be able to return in near-top physical condition. Oftentimes, even the year off doesn’t allow for 100 percent recovery. And an unfortunate number of these tales end in retirement, with no happily ever after.

John Cena was given a huge break. He had begun feeling numbness in his right arm due to a herniated disc — thankfully not a ruptured disc — which fragmented into his spinal column. (Does that sound familiar? Chris Benoit’s “Don’t try this at home” speech, anyone?) He nipped it in the bud and went in for surgery this morning — and at a fine time, too, as he’d lost about as many PPV matches as he’d won since the start of the calendar year, and since CM Punk, Batista and Rey Mysterio would be around to carry the load.

The prognosis from Dr. Joseph “What a” Maroon (kidding, Doc) is that, after removing the disc fragment compression that was causing the numbness, Cena should be able to get back into the ring in two to four months.

He shouldn’t.

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I smell a 1.1 Rating.

Did ya-ha miss-ha me-ha?

Did ya-ha miss-ha me-ha?

Mike Johnson at PWInsider is reporting at Tuesday nights TNA Impact tapings that Jeff Jarrett made his official return to TNA. This may be unpopular but I am willing to let this all play out and see how he books himself. Sure the angle of Sting being mad at the younger generation is stupid and makes him seem like an old crotch and adding another wrestler to the mix is just silly but let’s give it time. TNA has a good track record of these type of things so Jarrett and Sting should both be either faceless or forgotten by the middle of October.

Ok, just Sting. -Jeremy

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