Redesigning The TNA Knockouts

Pass m the torch, if you will.

Pass me the torch, if you will.

 TNA could find themselves in a difficult position coming up very soon. The contracts of some of their major stars are expiring, and they need to find the money to sign all of them. They also need to treat the negotiations as serious as WWE, as evidenced by Gail Kim’s departure. Of the contracts that need to be negotiated, the most important is that of Awesome/Astonishing Kong.

TNA can take some credit in turning Kong into a legitimate draw, and the television ratings back this up. Her segments are almost always the highest rated on the show no matter what timeslot she is placed in.

She had her foil in Gail Kim for much of this run, and the argument can be made they played off each other so well it made for real, compelling television. An argument could also be made though that she is the draw as her other segments, most notably her $25,000 challenge, drew very well. It also helped create a fledgling new star in Taylor Wilde.

The influence of Kong in TNA’s women division has been significant. Sure, she shares some of the praise with Gail Kim, but a hero cannot be great without a great threat. Looking at the landscape of women’s wrestling, there was no one that fit the mold of a monster heel. This is not to say there are not a bunch of legitimate female athletes out there, but none have quite the same level of intimidation as Kong.

If TNA negotiates with Kong in the same fashion as they did with Gail Kim, we will be seeing Kong in WWE. WWE may not know exactly how to treat her – and hopefully it will not be on the same level as a Kamala or Umaga – but they will offer her more money and much more exposure. They will offer more than TNA not just because they are the big bully, but that they can see a special talent and will grab it.

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Counting is fun!

One! Two! Three times a lady!

One! Two! Three times a lady!

Counting is fun, and WWE likes to do fun things like help you count. And so it is that Santino Marella, aka The Main Reason Dusty Still Watches Wrestling, is going for the Honky Tonky Man’s streak of “62” wins. Never mind that Honky *had* to have gotten more than 62 wins to have retained his title for as long as he did. (Then again, maybe he lost by countout and DQ a bunch of times and his actual win total really was 62. You know what? Here’s a challenge to our loyal readers: go to, go to Ring Results for WWE and track Honky’s title reign history as best you can. We’d love to hear the results without having to do the actual legwork.)

In any event, Santino continued his streak with a hard fought victory over Eric’s boy D-Lo Brown this past Monday on Raw. Here’s hoping this becomes a Goldberg-like streak and he’s up to 35 wins by next week. Stunt Granny will track this story as it develops. – Dusty

A silver lining in Michaels’ dark cloud

See how Im bending my arm here? Thats gonna be really hard in about 14 years. Youll see.

"See how I'm bending my arm here? That's gonna be really hard in about 14 and a half years."

(OK, now that it’s not a spoiler anymore, I feel comfortable posting this, with apologies to Jeremy for burying his post.)

I would never wish an injury on a pro wrestler, as, unless they have some crazy stipulation written into their contract, an injury can mean a hefty loss in pay. But Shawn Michaels’ triceps tear happened at a pretty good time, all things considered.

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