The Art of Wrestling – Smackdown’s Men Part I

The men of Smackdown are a little easier to keep track of than the women. There’s still more change than I expected as I’ve already noted about ECW. Nothing like a larger roster and women who change their outfits weekly to reinforce that idea. I have been taking notes for three weeks on this show so some of the outfits have bounced back and forth.

Ezekiel Jackson – This mountain of a man wears a white dress shirt unbuttoned and white dress slacks with a black belt and white belt loops. His boots are black. He wears a long silver chain with a cross. This outfit gives him a “Miami” look along with making him look like a bad ass.

Tubbs thinks he would have looked better in white.

Tubbs thinks he would have looked better in white.

Brian KendrickBrian needs to get more help dressing from his advisor Ezekiel. His white ring jacket is absolutely awful with multi-colored studs on the right collar and leopard print on the left collar. The gold buttons on top of the shoulder straps don’t match anything. The most confusing part of the jacket are the three “claw marks” on the back that have a red material under them. To make matters worse, his tights are cluttered with graphics on a black back drop. The front of the trunks has two white silhouettes of people, a single person holding a tommy gun against a white and red bullseye on the rear and matching designs on each hip. Kendrick plays the annoying prick well but his outfit is way too over the top. You can look like a cocky douche bag and still have a decent design.

The Great KhaliThe astonishing one has a problem with clothing due to his massive size. He wears black parachute pants and black boots and occassionally has black wrist tape up part of the way up his forearms. There is nothing the wardrobe department could do to not make Khali look like Lurch.

Thank goodness the Great Khali didn't borrow my tux for Edge and Vickie's wedding.

Thank goodness the Great Khali didn't want to borrow my tux for Edge and Vickie's wedding.

Jeff Hardy Outfit #1Jeff usually wears a black tank top with his signature black and white cut up arm bands. I’m not sure why the WWE Shop Zone decided to layer tan and a neon green under the black because he wears black on top on his left arm and white on top on his right arm. It even seems like the children in the crowds arm bands are black and white. Back to Jeff, he’s still wearing the black baggy army pants with white stitching. The belt is white with silver studs. His black boots have white bibbs with black velcro straps. Jeff always wears his Hardy Boyz pendant.

Jeff Hardy Outfit #2 – Jeff wears the same boots and pants but changed his belt out from white to green. It doesn’t appear to have the silver studs either. His shirt is the main change. It has a black center middle with green sleeves. It’s lycra so it fits snug to his body.

Of the two outfits, I prefer the first. Jeff made the decision to change his belt color but kept his boots white which is a little strange. The tank top seems to fit the down home boy from North Carolina better too. The snug fitting top looks more Under Armour which goes better on MVP or the Miz. – Kevin

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