Bob Holly Found!



Slam Wrestling is reporting that Bob Holly, who has been off television since losing the tag titles, has entered a rehab facility in “Georgia” Now, Georgia isn’t the biggest state in the union but it is plenty big enough that some better details would be nice. What has been nice though is the lack of Bob Holly on my television. How many more years were we supposed to put up with the same bullshit week in and week out? We get it Bob; you are tough and mean. Blah blah, you also are not interesting and are a total fuckin bore.

In the same report his contract is coming up and has yet to be renewed. So there are two distinct positives to this story. One, a wrestler is getting help for his addictions before he dies. The other positive; no more Bob Holly on your television. -Jeremy

Diamond Dallas Page Lives

It's remember me?

It's me, it's me, remember me?

Here’s a real knee slapper. Over at Jason Powell is still listening to “The Unholy Matrimony Show.” Why? I have no idea.  Anyway, Diamond Dallas Page was interviewed on the show. Now, the fact someone wanted to talk to Dallas Page is hilarious. What makes this even funnier is the fact that he claims that he gave his blessing for Randy Orton to use the Diamond Cutter as his finisher. On top of that he says that Randy was apprehensive about using it since it was Dallas’ move first.

Knowing Randy Orton‘s history and the level of respect that Page got in WWE/F makes this story a scream.

I can only imagine a young Randy respectfully and soulfully searching for that one finishing move that would get him over. Then, in a moment of absolute clarity he realizes the most perfect move in the history of wrestling but damn it all if it wasn’t done first by Diamond Dallas Page. After painfully wwrestlign with this conundrum, he approaches Vince McMahon and informs him of this life altering conundrum. After explaining himself he looks longingly to him for approval and then, after a moment or two of silence, Vince McMahon looks at him and says,

“Who the fuck is Diamond Dallas Page? Use the move.”

As Randy walks away with a new outlook on his career and a cringe in his bowels he hears Vince yell to him again,

“Really, who the fuck is Diamond Dallas Page?” -Jeremy

Salinas On The Move

Temporarily gone, but not forgotten... she has a permanent place in our spank banks.

Temporarily gone, but never forgotten... she has a permanent home in our spank banks.

This is either the best news in a long while or the worst. Salinas aka Shelly Martinez aka The Hottest Woman in Wrestling, is gone from TNA. She posted on her MySpace page that she is going off to film a movie and has gone through the next open door while another closes. This has a lot of potential to be a great move as the last time she was split with a wrestling company it led to nudity and bondage.

Hey everyone! First I want to say to everyone who ordered my photos sorry for the delay. The printing held it up so I will send those off this week and have a little gift for you guys or gals for the trouble!!

Anywho, this blog is about choices. Sometimes in life you find yourself saying “I have no choice” and you follow your heart even if it seems at the time your heart may be breaking when you do follow your heart and commit to it. I made a big decision recently and when it is time to talk about it I promise I will have a follow up blog explaining. I care about all my fans and appreciate your support. On a good note, when you find it’s time to close a door another door (weather you looking or not) opens right up and I’ve peaked inside and decided to open it and walk right in LOL

Starting tomorrow I will be begin to film an Italian inspired thriller. I had rehearsal yesterday and my costar and I have great chemistry together so it will be grand!! YAY!! I am working on having my camera guy shoot some behind the scene for my new site!! Yes, I am disappointed to lose something important to me for this role but at the same time change, scary change, always seems to lead to bigger and better things. I will keep you all posted, until then remember no matter what 5150 LAX por vida!!!!


P.S. For the record this blog was posted by Shelly Martinez on Sept 14th, 2008 at 11:18am PST

We here at Stunt Granny wish her all the best in her future. While the notion that she will be off our television screens for the foreseeable future the possibility remains for more moving pictures of her with little to no clothes on. -Jeremy

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