Scott Hall sends Iron Sheik roast spiraling further down

Shock of shocks: Something weird happened at the roast of the Iron Sheik (look for the big-ass poster after the jump), and we have the YouTube videos to prove it. (Big ups to the underscore equinox with two x’s for making these even more publicky in their publicness.) Apparently comedian Jimmy Graham made what guest Scott Hall thought was a tasteless joke about Owen Hart, and surprisingly, a drunken Hall became belligerent and started crotch-chopping toward the panel of esteemed roasters, including a shrunken King Kong Bundy, and Kevin Sullivan, who looks and talks like he’s trying out for Danny Devito’s old role in a 2008 version of the old TV show “Taxi.” And Mr. Bob Backlund just sits there like a dope the whole time. One of the best parts of this whole thing is that WWF TV jobber Jim Powers is the guy “holding” Hall back the whole time. I guess all that time he spent carrying Paul Roma in the Young Stallions paid off here.

Honestly, this is more sad than anything. First, it looks like the event was held in a room where GED testing takes place, or like the hallway of a night court or something. Second, putting a bunch of alcoholic wrestlers in a room (I saw glasses of water on the tables, but come on) and then asking them to wax jocular about the Iron Sheik is just asking for disaster. I love this Iron Sheik stuff just as much as anyone, but there’s a line between letting Sheik be Sheik, and creating situations like this. -Eric

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Kelly Kelly Says No, I Say Yes To Victoria


Not sure how this got past every member of Stunt Granny, but over at, they have a blurb from Kelly Kelly’s Myspace page where she states she will not be the Diva for the next Playboy shoot.

If true, this sucks but it allows the door of possibility to open for, in this order, Victoria, Mickie James, Melina, Jillian hall, (From the neck down of course) and I guess everyone else.

Still, if it isn’t Mickie I am pulling for Victoria, which is of course a longshot. Victoria has the most tenure of all the divas so it would be fitting to see her in a state of undress and then WWE fire her. No matter what though, seeing Victoria naked would be a dream come true.

Is it clear that WWE needs to get this woman naked? I mean come on already. Even if she isn’t under consideration let this be a call to Lady Victoria herself. Please, please, just send just send us some pics please. -Jeremy

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