Lance Cade Put Out To Pasture

How am I not marketable?

How am I not marketable?

Well here is a surprising release by WWE. According to they have wished Lance Cade the best in his future endeavors.  The timing of his release is strange as they had intertwined him in with Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels. He even scored a tag team victory over Michaels and Triple H a few weeks ago so someone had to have confidence in him in some respect. It is also surprising considering that Michaels was his mentor and one time trainer.

Cade had all of the physical tools to be a WWE superstar but his mic time and his increasingly bland appearance certainly had to hurt his long term standing. It won’t be a surprise to see him back in WWE sometime next year unless this is WWE’s way of slowly ridding themselves of young, underutilized talent in the hopes that their elderly roster will turn their business around. –Jeremy

Repeating History: Bret Hart is to John Cena as Steve Austin is to…

Steve, make me look good, I dont want people to think Im only the 14th best wrestler to ever come from Canada.

"Steve, make me look good, I don't want people to think I'm only the 14th best wrestler to ever come from Canada."

I’m watching Survivor Series 1996, with one of the feature attractions being Bret “Hitman” Hart vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Hart was returning from an extended leave of absence (following his WWF Title loss to Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XII – “Tell him to get the fuck out of my ring” … heh heh heh), and during Hart’s break, Austin began to shine after winning King of the Ring. But Austin’s push was on and off – he was on Summerslam, in a dark match, and he was off Mind Games in September. Austin really blew up, though (and thank god, since our other top heel choices were Sid, Mankind and horse-riding Hunter Hearst Helmsley), after challenging, badmouthing, and finally wrestling Hart at Survivor Series. Sure, Austin lost the match, but on that night a star was born.

Like it or not, John Cena’s return from neck fusion surgery (six f’ing weeks ago) is imminent. And in somewhat of a parallel, Raw is short on really good, main-event heels. Randy Orton is about to return, and Chris Jericho is on fire, but JBL and his tits have grown old, and Kane is by no means a headliner anymore. And who else is left? Anywhere? The Great Khali? Vladimir Kozlov? Mark Henry? Maybe Big Show if they’d make up their mind how – or if – to use him.

Two things could happen when John Cena returns: He can wobble out to the stage, flopping and flailing around all willy-nilly like he always does, in his stupid oversized jersey and his trucker hat, looking as awkward and directionless as a newborn deer. Or he could return with a purpose, to shut the mouth of some new heel on the horizon who says they’re sick of hearing about John Cena’s return (and Orton doing that on Raw doesn’t count, and in fact, him doing that might have fucked the whole thing up, but not necessarily) and who challenges Cena to a match at whatever PPV he’ll be returning at.

So who out there would best fill this role? Let us discuss the top three options:

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