Adam Pearce is ROH’s new booker, catering not cut

See, fucker, Im awesome! Triple-check THAT!

"See, fucker, I'm awesome! Triple-check THAT!"

According to via Figure Four Online, Adam Pearce has been brought on as Ring of Honor’s new booker. Word around the campfire is that Pearce will bring a more 1970s style of wrestling to ROH, but continue using the same roster. And who says Jim Cornette’s style is outdated? Maybe Jimmy Jacobs will come back with a big gut and spindly legs. Maybe Bryan Danielson’s new finisher will be a fistdrop from the second rope. Maybe Buddy Landell will work a few dates. Or maybe this will work. R-O-H! R-O-H! -Eric

R.I.P. Special Delivery Jones

One of many fond memories of S.D. Jones.

One of many fond memories of S.D. Jones.

According to, former WWE jobber S.D. Special Delivery Jones (real name Conrad Efraim) died Sunday in Antigua after suffering a stroke. He was 63. Of course the one lasting memory of Jones is his “9-second” (more like 22-second) squash loss to King Kong Bundy at the first WrestleMania. All of the other times he appeared on TV sort of blend together in the little-kid part of my internal file cabinet, but the memories of this smiling, happy enhancement talent are all fond. His speech at the WWE Hall of Fame inductions in 2006, where he inducted his friend Tony Atlas, was nice if not a big rambling, but hey, take all the TV time you can get. Hopefully they can understand you in heaven, my smiling, jobbery friend. -Eric

The Art of Wrestling – “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

Steve Austin is a marketing genius. This guy comes back for one lousy appearance as a special guest referee and he has a new t-shirt. The shirt follows his pattern of having a skull on it like this one or this one or even this one. The t-shirt also follows another pattern that I emphasize a lot, it’s a simple design. It does break from his regular trend of having a white skull with a black background though. The new shirt is light grey with black print which provides a good contrast. On the front, the words “Stone Cold” are arched downward around the round neckline. The words are solid with a gap and an outline in black. The skull is light grey with the black designs creating the outline and background. There doesn’t appear to be a rhyme or reason to the background which is the only thing I can find wrong with this design. On the back, They just put on the intials “SC” straight just below the neckline and a breakline with two elongated triangles and a diamond in the middle separates the other words below, “Since 1989”. Steve started wrestling then but they really should have gone with “Since 1996” because that’s when his “Stone Cold” character took off. Not a big deal in the scheme of the design though.

16 says I just made a boatload of money on my new t-shirt.

Austin 3:16 says I just made a boatload of money on my new t-shirt.

I’m going to analyze the Diva’s Halloween costumes now because they’re much better to look at than an aging bald man and his new t-shirt, even if he is a marketing genius. – Kevin

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