Batista slips beef oboe into Kelly Kelly’s ham wallet

God, shes so immature... ooh, is that pink frosting??!!

"God, she's so immature... ooh, is that pink frosting??!!"

Is that headline appropriate? Who cares. Thanks to SG visitor Fanatic for unsheathing this one: Over on, Jason Powell posted part of an interview Batista did on a morning show for WJFK (god, so many easy “head” and “blown” jokes in this one) this past Monday. And guess what? My sweetheart Kelly Kelly was gettin’ the ol’ turkey fiddle from Buttista recently…

“She’s just a young girl,” he said. “She was a little immature for a 21 year-old.” He cited their age difference as the reason the relationship didn’t last.

Who cares if she’s a little immature? Jesus christ, Dave, you’ve got the hottest hatchet wound on the roster riding the ol’ imitation crab meat bassoon, and you’re bitching because a 21-year-old is immature? Of course she is! She’s probably a fucking basket case! I go to the biggest Big Ten party school there is, and that’s all we have here: a bunch of Kelly Kelly carbon copy airheads. So the fuck what? Is it because you’re getting Andrew Martin’s sloppies? Get over it. You kinda are, anyway; you basically took Test’s spot in 2003, and now you’re riding through his female turnstile. And does this mean Lilian Garcia is no longer the company dartboard? There go all of my jokes. *tosses index cards into the air* -Eric

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