Matt Striker Is Probably Awesome

No not this picture, click the damn link.

No not this picture, click the damn link.

Matt Striker may have been nothing above average as a wrestler but as a commentator he has been stellar. He has added the right mix of cheerleader and commentary during the ECW broadcasts that even Todd Grisham is tolerable. Apparently someone else thought the same thing or McMahon really hates Jim Ross and just loves humiliating him as Striker and Grisham won the Slammy for Best Announce Team. Yes the Slammy’s are worthless hunks of naked gold man metal but if it produces pictures like this  (the first pic), I am all for it.

Look at Strikers face; he is promising us he is going to ride whatever Bella chick that is, bareback, all night long. There is something extremely old school about Striker and this picture encapsulates that. He comes off as they type of guy who would still go out drinking, steal some guys’ girl and ride her raw dog as well while taunting the cuckold. Not sure if this is what WWE wants in an announcer but as a human being he is our apex.

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  1. R-Truth, best musical performance? The couldn’t open a Hold for Swank show!

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