WWE Finds Replacement For myNetworkTV

These are supposed to be WWE superstars or so it said.

These are supposed to be WWE superstars or so it said.

Our old friends at PWTorch.com had a breaking news story about WWE and WGN striking a deal to broadcast a new show starting in 2009 a few days ago. Why are we just now getting to it? Well, we are all insanely busy and popular and don’t have to answer questions like tat so, screw.

WWE, who is still on a nostalgia kick, has named the show “Superstars” in the thin attempt to market their lackluster roster as such. Let’s be honest though; this new show is nothing more than tryout period for WWE on WGN. If it goes well they will pull Smackdown in a heart beat as their current network sinks faster than a Russian sub in the Barents Sea.

The move to myNetwork TV was such a bad idea that the fledgling network’s only highly rated show is Smackdown. It has no other marketable shows and no sports coverage to speak of. It gets no penetration in some major markets and when it does no one knows where to find it. It was a ridiculously bad move to change a highly rated program on a failing network for another network with a horrible name but then it is WWE and their decision making over the last, oh, four years has been suspect.

Seriously, they moved to a network that plays a C.O.P.S. rip-off and glorifies “movie of the week” broadcasts. This wouldn’t be so bad if the movie of the week was an actual Hollywood movie and not a piece of shit made on a camcorder with the locals and then digitally enhanced to make it look real like it was filmed on film.  Trust me,I would know. -Jeremy

How to build a wrestling ring… I dare you to try this at home

Don’t ask me how or why I came across this video. (I mostly don’t want you to ask me because I’m super drunk right now and I don’t remember. In fact, I’ve had to type this sentence four times to get it right.) It is embarrassingly bad in pretty much every way you can imagine. The video is hilariously awful, and the ring is cringe-inducingly side-splitting. And as usual, the comments are gems; I mean it, click on “view all ## comments” and read what these fools are saying to each other. These guys are really, genuinely proud of this abortion they call a wrestling ring. Hey, if I can sell plasma to buy my groceries, you guys can sell more pictures of your sister’s boobs to your friends and get a real ring from Highspots. Ooh, is your sister 18 yet? -Eric

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