PWO – Season 2 – Episodes 3 & 4

To kick off the second episode, Bobby “The Body” Shields came to the ring first.  His opponent was “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine who was accompanied by Noj.  Basic moves were exchanged early in the match.  Fontaine took over with a monkey flip.  Shields kicked the ropes when Fontaine went for a Lionsault.  Shields hit a suplex and chops.  Fontaine executed a bicycle kick and then a flapjack.  Shields went for a superplex but was thrown off and Fontaine hit a missile drop kick.  Shield’s tried to hit Fontaine with Noj’s bone but Fontaine ducked, hit a thrust kick and then a Lionsault for the win.

Analysis: A solid match that will keep Shields on the lower rung in the PWO.  I’d like to see new guys win more when they first arrive, but someone has to lose.

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Batista Injured, Will Miss Road Ass.

Yes Way Dave.

Yes Way Dave.


This comes straight out of the “This had to happen sooner or later” file,, is reporting that WWE Star Batista has a hamstring tear and will be out through WrestleMania next year. This comes as an absolute surprise since big Dave has avoided injury for nearly three months after constantly tearing his triceps. His absence will be felt big time by the countless pieces of ass he allegedly tears up on the road and behind the scenes. So the road is now safe ladies as Dave and his monstrous appetite for pussy will be shelved until at least June. So whip those battered beef smiles back in shape as the hunter will be on the prowl before you know it.  -Jeremy

Sorry Fellas She’s Taken


That’s right gang, according to Michael Johnson over at, Traci Brooks is now an engaged woman. She and current TNA Superstar Frankie Kazarian are taking the plunge and we here at Stunt Granny could not be happier. Traci brooks is one of my favorite womens wrestlers on the planet and the reason is simple; look at those huge boobs. Seriously, they are magnificent and it makes me sad another man, yet again, will be all over them.

On a brighter note, at least Traci won’t give up as soon as she is married and get the “wifey” short style haircut a week after the honeymoon. It also means she won’t lose the implants since she has roped in some dope to pay the bills and buy her anything she wants. Well, maybe the second half may not pan out. They do work for TNA after all. Also, as a word to Mr. Kazrian; if your matches start getting longer but your push remains the same, that smell of penis on your woman’s nether region is not normal.

So let’s send out a hearty congratulation to the happy couple and hope for some break up nude shots in its wake. -Jeremy

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