Merry Christmas!

A Secret Touch Is A Gift Polly

A Secret Touch Is A Gift Polly.

Merry Christmas everyone, We here at Stunt Granny would like to take this moment to step away form our much cherished family time and give a big thank you to all of you whop visit this site on a daily basis or just sometimes. Posting will be a tad infrequent over the next few days due to the probable binge drinking on Eric’s part; the forced isolation Dusty performs every year; Kevin’s yearly gallivanting in Altoona and my mental spiral after too much family time and lack of hard drugs. So relish your time left on this planet and to all a Merry Christmas.


In the meantime, check out Eric’s Christmas video treasures as well as Stunt Granny Audio #22 and 23. All of this should get you through the Christmas weekend. -Jeremy

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