Stunt Granny Audio #26 – Good Riddance, Bob Holly!

Keep walkin, fucko.

Keep walkin’, fucko.

Dusty & Eric are here to rejoice WWE’s long overdue cut of Bob Holly from its roster. The duo do him far too much justice, working their way through Holly’s career year by year, remembering the good times (duration, 0:29) and the bad (duration, 48:00), and of course going off on the usual tangents. Rather hear them talk about Al Snow, Crash Holly, Jim Cornette, Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon? Tune in now!

Stunt Granny Audio #26

The Unkindest Cut Of Them All

He's going to have to buy a ticket to see this year's show.

Happier times for Baldcore: He's going to have to buy a ticket to see this year's show.

Resident Stunt Granny whipping boy Hardcore Holly has just been released (according to and I’m not going to lie. I am ecstatic. This is one of the best days of my life.

I don’t know what I hate most about ol’ Hardcore. The fact that he takes out his shortcomings on young wrestlers who have a legitimate chance of the stardom he could never achieve? The fact that he milked the same gimmick for over ten years without putting one ounce of actual inspiration or innovation into his work? The fact that he reminded me of the Soup Nazi in every negative way possible?

It doesn’t even matter now. What matters is that he’s gone. He can go run his jokester wrestling school and have no idea what the score is on his own dime now. I love it.

Precious and none are the moments we two have shared. – Dusty

The Art of Wrestling – Calendars

I was trying to figure out what to write about when a sale just dropped right into my lap, a 16 month calendar for 2009 of WWE Superstars.  TNA also has a similar 12 month calendar which features their Superstars

The WWE’s calendar pictures on the website are worse because it’s hard to tell who all of their Superstars are.  It appears to be Batista, HHH, Jeff Hardy, Mr. Kennedy, MVP, CM Punk, Randy Orton in his pre-sleeve tattoo days, Rey Mysterio, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Elijah Burke and John Cena.  With only 12 Superstars and 16 months, it appears as if 4 months don’t get Superstars or you get to look at someone’s mug for more than one month.  I do like the idea of having a close up of each Superstar and an action shot beside them.  I think it’d look better with a different pattern than flames behind all of them that fit their character.

As for TNA, they obviously haven’t learned that every store in the United States starts to discount their calendars after the first of the year.  The WWE’s has been marked down twice.  Their pictures do come out much better on their website.  They appear to be all action shots which is fine because you don’t end up with HHH’s awkward stance in his stand alone.  The calendar part is minimized in their version so if you need to write something on it, you’re screwed.  I guess they expect you to  just be drooling over their Superstars.

It doesn’t make sense to me that TNA used a heel on their cover while the WWE went with their biggest (or maybe second biggest to Jeff Hardy) merchandise mover.  Speaking of heels, I was surprised that both of the calendars mixed faces and heels.  I think it would be an interesting experiment to do one calendar of babyfaces and one of heels to see which one sells more.  Most of the children buying these calendars have got to want the babyfaces for each month.

Even in these cold temperatures, Kelly Kelly will keep you warm.

Even in these cold temperatures, Kelly Kelly will keep you warm.

I’m a bit surprised that TNA was the only calendar with a woman on it.  Granted, that woman was Awesome Kong.  When I think of calendars and women, I tend to think more the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition.  Why neither of these companies , even in the PG world that is being pushed by the WWE, decided to skip on selling a Divas or Knockouts calendars for Eric to “wrestle” in bed with at night is beyond me. – Kevin

I'd like to find out if Christy has a tan line to cross.

I'd like to find out if Christy has a tan line to cross.

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