PWO – Season 2 – Episode 5

N8 Mattson was introduced and grabbed the mic from the ring announcer.  He played up being from Michigan and issued a challenge to anyone from Ohio.  Bobby Beverly accepted the challenge.  The match started slowly but picked up a little after some arm drags by Beverly.  Joe Dombrowski, the play by play man, mentioned that Beverly is the best student of the PWOWrestling School.  Mattson started to take over including a variety of typical heel short cuts.  Beverly got in a suplex after Mattson left his head down for a back drop.  Jamie Scott, the color commentator, mentioned that Beverly was making a number of rookie mistakes.  Mattson hit a Code Breaker but Beverly kicked out.  Mattson got cocky so Beverly caught him with a small package for the three count.  Mattson started to beat down Beverly when Benjamin Boone made the save.  After Mattson left ring side, Boone hit Beverly with a chair.  He then grabbed the mic and told Beverly that he had awakened “The Big Bear”.

Analysis:The sound from the announcers was terrible throughout the match.  The match itself was solid with Beverly showing a lot of improvement from last year.  Having Mattson do the job is a good idea since he doesn’t show up much but is a good worker.

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Stunt Granny Audio: Good Royal Rumble Edition!



Finally, it’s time to RUMBLE! It’s time for the Stunt Granny Royal Rumble… nostalgic… podcasts! On the run-up to this year’s PPV event, Dusty and Eric are joined by resident miss-the-good-ol’-days-er Jordan Smith to discuss the best Royal Rumbles as voted on by you, the Stunt Granny Universe! They talk about the Rumble matches and the sometimes-good, sometimes-shit matches also on the card, what worked and what didn’t, why and why not, and why Koko B. Ware vs. The Mountie was a good match. So listen up!

Stunt Granny Good Royal Rumble Audio

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