An oldie but a goodie: Don Muraco, Mr. Fuji do stand-up

Last week on WWE 24/7, an old episode (duh, there aren’t any new episodes) of Tuesday Night Titans featured a clip of Don Muraco and Mr. Fuji doing stand-up comedy. Lots of people have probably seen this (as well as Fuji Vice and Fuji Bandito, et al), but it’s still worth sharing. Watching Gene Okerlund is just as funny as listening to the horrible stand-up routine. I’m certainly not trying to shill here, but if you can afford the $7.99 a month, WWE 24/7 is worth it just for classics like this. -Eric

The Art of Wrestling – Valentine’s Day

The WWE has some new deals for Valentine’s Day and ladies, nothing quite says “I love you” more than a package that includes a CM Punk t-shirt, a personalized teddy bear and of course some personalized candy.  The Punk shirt itself is nice and simple with his taped fists and forearms in white with black highlights and a black background.  The back is also nice and simple but the WWE screwed up the stars on the back.  Punk’s tights have a six pointed stars while the back of the t-shirt has five pointed stars.  I’m not exactly sure where they got the lightning bolt design either after scouring more of his pictures on to see if it was one of his tattoos.  The bolts do provide an implied X on the back but they could have done without them.  The lettering for “CM Punk” is a good replica of his lettering for “straight edge” on his stomach.

No more fun bags for CM Punk

No more fun bags for CM Punk

The personalized teddy bear could be used in so many ways.  Let’s see what message CM Punk would send to his former girlfriends: Daffney – I wish you were Unger me, Traci Brooks –   Is this stuffed with the same thing as your boobs? and Maria – What’s the name of your goat again?

Hey, my scarf matches Punk's shirt colors.

Hey, my scarf matches Punk's shirt colors.

Just in case they were thinking of of sending him some candy, let’s get their thoughts: Daffney – 2 Small, Traci Brooks – No’ Mo’ 4 U and Maria – I Kissed Hef. – Kevin

Think Chicago Cubs about the goat joke.

Think Chicago Cubs about the goat joke. Thanks to Playboy for the picture.

Stunt Granny Audio: Bad Royal Rumble Edition!

THIS would have been better than 1999.

THIS would have been better than 1999.

Well, we nailed the top five, now it’s time to suffer through the worst five. Dusty and Eric are once again joined by nostalgia freak Jordan to discuss the bottom-five Royal Rumble matches/events as voted on by the people. Find out which ones get honorable mentions, which ones the trio disagrees with, and who keeps popping up in these damn things (go away, Tatanka!). Don’t need nothin’ but a good time, so listen to this (and the audio two posts down if you haven’t yet) on the run-up to the 2009 WWE Royal Rumble!

Stunt Granny Bad Royal Rumble Audio (w/ID tags)

(EDIT: Oh damn, I forgot to put all the ID tags in. If I get a couple of requests, I will re-upload the show. Otherwise if you’re saving this onto your computer, open it in Winamp, go to File>something or other, and you can add your own Artist, Album, Genre, etc. from there. My apologies! Still getting used to this new-fangled stuff.)

(SECOND EDIT: Should be good now! Re-uploaded one with ID tags because I require no sleep. I am an automaton who feeds off WWE 24/7. NEED MORE INPUT!)

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