ROH Fans Are Going To Be Unhappy

roh_blood_rev00Well, well, look who is all grown up now. Apparently someone decided to take a chance on ROH and have given them a television show all their own. ROH announced this earlier today what had been rumored for a few weeks. HDNet will be the exclusive home of ROH starting sometime this year probably. The details were not revealed but supposedly this is a definite project. For those of you who do not have HDNet it was founded by glory hog Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban. HDNet is supposedly footing a large portion of the bill for the show but here is hoping some of that money goes towards cleaning up the dirtball  elitist douche bags who attend the show. Pretty sure when this announcement was made at least three unemployed ROH die-hards, yes that is redundant, cried in their giant bowl of fruit loops and actually pushed themselves away form their World of Warcraft expedition.

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