Stunt Granny Audio #29

tuning-woman2Is it 2012? Is the world ending? Well you could have fooled us. Stunt Granny is proud, well, as proud as we can be, to present Stunt Granny Audio #29 featuring long time cohorts Dusty and Jeremy. The guys reunite for the first time since forever or the last time they did one of these, and run down all of the big news stories. At least that is what we intended to do but we shall see about that.  They talk about MyNetwork TV imploding, which allows Jeremy the chance to brag about how this deal keeps getting worse. They also talk about TNA, only to irritate Dusty. They even manage to talk about some other wrestling stuff much in the vein of their old show. You know the one. So stick it out and give it a listen.

Stunt Grany Audio #29

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