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Luck is for losers

The WWE is advertising early for Saint Patrick’s Day and I don’t miss a chance to exploit a holiday and turn it into an article about something merchandise related.  My inbox got an offer for a discounted CM Punk Clover Baseball Cap which is old, but I haven’t covered it so I’m going to take a whack at it.  I was hoping to find a reason and a picture of his shamrock tattoo (if you’re desperate, go to this link and look at photo 138 on his left arm), but the best I can come up with is his Wikipedia entry

A sleeve tattoo on his left arm that reads “luck is for losers” and features numerous good luck symbols, including a rabbit’s foot, four-leaf clover and a horseshoe.

Punk’s real name is Phillip Brooks for those not in the know.  From my research, the shamrock isn’t an homage to an Irish ancestry since Brooks is an English surname.  So the tattoo must be all about “luck is for losers.”  Which makes me wonder how the WWE decided to pick that particular piece of the tattoo onto the front of the hat.  The bigger mystery is why the WWE decided to change the popular shamrock from green (picture 138 again) to blue.  That change seems especially strange to me in light of the fact that they’re using orange lettering which fits in nicely with the Irish flag.  The WWE also decided to use different lettering instead of Punk’s Gothic script that is on his stomach.  The light cream front quarter panel would be fine on it’s own but it doesn’t make much sense since the highlights in the banner with the lettering is white.  Choose cream or white and go with it designers.  I do like the idea of having the main panel a different color than the other three but again, the color choices are baffling.  You have a dark blue shamrock, why are you going with black for the bill and three other panels of the hat?

We here at Stunt Granny are honorary members of the IDT.

We here at Stunt Granny are honorary members of the Irish Drinking Team.

The back of the hat is simplistic and highlights why the WWE should have stuck with white for the front quarter instead of cream.  The words “CM Punk” pop much better on a black background with white surrounding the lettering since they contrast so much.  The same could be established on the front panel if the shamrock was black instead of dark blue.

The WWE swung and missed hard with this hat even if it does have potential if they just tweeked the colors. – Kevin

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