Ken Shamrock tests positive for steroids, our banner cries

Nope, not gassing at all.

Nope, not gassing at all.

According to, Ken Shamrock tested positive for steroids, earning him a one-year suspension by the California State Athletic Commission. (Quick side note: Jeremy just told me he assumed by the cryptic Dot Net headline that Bobby Lashley was the one who failed the test.)

Honestly, Shamrock, you just turned 45 fucking years old last month. You’ve lost your last 1,700 fights and are being called a “tomato can.” You should have saved your money, dingbat, but nope, you’re still trying to cash in on whatever name you have left (half of which is your brother’s name, at this point, and he’s not going to fight you), and now you can’t even earn a living for the next year. Congratulations, former WWF Intercontinental Champion, have fun cycling under the radar just to get creamed in March 2009. (Quick side note: Ryan Shamrock was HOT.) -Eric

2 Responses

  1. Quick note: Ken Shamrock was boning Ryan Shamrock…lucky duck.

  2. They just haven’t tested Lashley yet.

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