TNA Destination X Review

That shit was terrible Mildred.

That shit was terrible Mildred.

Oh sweet Jesus! Since Eric and Dusty actually covered the preview portion of TNA’s Destination X PPV, it is now up to Kevin and Jeremy to suffer through reviewing it. Yes, K & J go over the entire event as long as they could and try not to sound too negative. It doesn’t always work but the effort is there. They discuss what can possibly be placed at the top of the “all time worst skits ever” with ODB and a bunch of jackoffs. They also talk about Suicide winning the TNA X-Division belt. There is also some progressive talk about how TNA can change and why they should change for the better starting immediately. They also talk about the small positives of the show. They include AJ Styles, um…. wait, um…there are others but I forgot already. I promise there are more so it is worth listening to since we took the time to watch this shit and then talk about it. -Jeremy

TNA’s Destination X 2009 Review

2 Responses

  1. I don’t know why, but I can’t stop laughing at the picture comment.

  2. Hey Kev, fucking tell us how you fucking feel about fucking TN fucking A.

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