Breakfast Meet Floor.


Black boxes make me happy.

Oh god damnit. It’s April Fool’s day, I get it but this has to be a joke right? Other than being totally disgusting this is just stupid. WWE is reporting, on their own damn site, that Vickie Guerrero is pregnant. Yes, a week before WrestleMania 25 someone in creative thought this would be a swell idea to further add to the World Heavyweight Championship triple threat match. It isn’t enough that the match has John Cena and Edge,  two of WWE’s biggest and most marketed stars but it also has The Big Show in there as well. There is no need to keep piling on issue after issue for this angle. The match is barely about the championship now and this just complicates matters.

But enough of that, Vickie Guerrero is pregnant gang, Just use that image this weekend when considering having unprotected sex with that thing you meet at the local bar this weekend. You know the one. You aren’t quite sure if it is female but the adams apple is not totally noticeable so you think it’s worth the chance. But then it says it’s that time of the month so it’ll do other things with you in your car because they feel bad about teasing you. As it unfolds you give in to temptation and say screw it. You dive in anyway for the sheer joy of passion even though it is a total mess. Then, a few days later as everything burns and you can’t stop itching that spot where your sack and upper thigh meet, you realize what a rotten move that was; much like having WWE tell us Vickie Guerrero is pregnant. So let that soak in.

Oh and if she actually is pregnant, congrats Vickie. -Jeremy

6 Responses

  1. I almost wish Snitsky was still on WWE’s payroll so he can kill another baby.

  2. Someone stuck their dick in Vicki Guerrero, just kidding, April Fools!

  3. My penis fell off looking at that picture.

  4. I would fuck Vicky In fact I’M rubbing one out to the above picture right now. Wait wait wait there wow I need a cigarette.

  5. vicki is a sexy chick

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