Stunt Granny Audio #40

Use this.

Use this or something like it.

Oh baby, after a little hiatus, Dusty and Eric are back with another Stunt Granny Audio. Dusty opens the discussion by bitching about Ch*rter Communications (edited to avoid being found out and sued for slander), and then the two bitch about wrestling-related things. What the hell will WWE do with Lance Hoyt? For that matter, what the hell will they do with Matt Hardy when he comes back? They offer up the obvious and obligatory but memorable, um, memories of the late “Playboy” Buddy Rose, they wonder exactly how high Bryan Danielsen and Paul London were in their wacky PWG promo, they discuss the new team of the Hard Knox Connection, and also talk a little bit about the NFL Draft before signing off. So listen! (Shoot, as usual, I forgot all the ID tags on this MP3. Hopefully you’re willing to add them yourselves until I remember to do it on a regular basis.)

Stunt Granny Audio #40

5 Responses

  1. Sounds like an eargasm, hopefully I last more than a minute.

  2. Eric-, Matt Hardy is out 6-8 weeks, not months. He broke his hand, not his vagina.

    Dusty – Bret Favre is God’s gift to WI (via trade from ATL), they weren’t going to sell much more “Majic Man” merchandise anyway.

    Every time Brett Favre made a start as a Packer an angel got his wings.

    • Did I really say 6 months? I thought I said one month. I know that’s what I was thinking. Sad face. -E

  3. Dusty- Warning about DirectTV: once you’re w/ them if you decide to switch they will rape you w/ a $200 cancellation fee.

  4. One question for Dusty:

    What did you make of the “Toxic Crusaders” cartoon that was released well after the “Toxic Avenger” film?

    And one for any or all of the SG crew:

    If you could pick an area of employ for Terry Taylor, Bob Holly, Gregory Helms, and Lance Hoyt what would it be?

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