TNA’s Hernandez Gots A Bad Neck

TNA Anniversary Gift Homie.

TNA Anniversary gift Holmes.

This totally sucks. According to, Hernandez of LAX and “why the hell am I not utilized better” fame, underwent neck surgery and is expected to miss a good chunk of time. Now, if we have learned anything at all in wrestling it’s that neck injuries are terrible and need as much time as possible to heal. So a little friendly advice for Stunt Granny favorite Hernandez. Keep your ass out of the ring and heal up. There is still hope that WWE will come to their senses when your contract is about to expire and fully utilize your talents. The guy is a natural draw and would be greatly used on Smackdown. But that is a ways away.

Now, how this effects Homicide? Well who knows? He has that briefcase with something in it but have they ever revealed it? If they did I forgot. So I apologize but who gives a fuck? It’s TNA. -Jeremy

JBL to run with the bulls, all goofed up on Layfield Energy

Attractive wife + money + douchebag = My dream in life.

Attractive wife + money + douchebag = My dream in life.

According to, JBL made a post on his WWE Universe blog stating that he and some friends intend to run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, this year.

I am now booking my travel to run with the bulls this year in Pamplona with my good buddy Mike Corcell. Mike, th…

You know what? Who cares? Seriously, JBL’s real life doesn’t interest me one bit. I couldn’t care less if Meredith Whitney did a strip tease on her show. I couldn’t care less if Layfield goose-stepped with 12-inch cleets through a classroom full of napping retarded children. Let me know when you’re ready to fund my band’s recording. -Eric

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