Pro Wrestling Ohio – Season 2 – Episode 11


Could Josh Prohibition be wearing a title belt in the PWO soon?

The Clash, Earnie Ballz & Brian Bender, came to the ring. Earnie Ballz talked about how great they were and called out half of the Tag Team Champions, Vincent Nothing. Nothing announced that due to Jake Crist’s abscence, the PWO has allowed him to name a new tag and it was his old partner (from a previous organization), Christian Faith.

Nothing started the match against Bender. Faith & Nothing took turns beating on Bender, including some nice double team moves. The Clash took over and started working over Nothing. Faith interferred on a regular basis but not enough to help his partner get the tag. Brian Bender missed a second rope elbow drop which allowed Nothing to tag in Christian Faith. Faith cleaned house ending with a near fall off a Tiger Bomb. Faith & Nothing hit a combination back suplex and clothesline for the win.

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