A Nugget of Fear

I used to have an ego after getting a better job.

I used to have an ego after getting a better job.

I’m sure everyone has heard about this fight brewing between the Denver Nuggets and the WWE, but in case you haven’t I suggest reading this story and watching the accompanying clip which is media gold by Vince McMahon, who appears to finally be off the juice at the ripe old age of  65.

To sum things up (if you’re too lazy to click on the link), the owners of the Pepsi Center were too stupid to have faith in their team, the Denver Nuggets, so they scheduled a WWE Raw on Monday May 25. On top of that, they forgot to mention to the NBA that they had already scheduled WWE Raw for this coming Monday. The WWE and the Pepsi Center officials are working on a resolution since Vince already got rejected directly by the NBA.

The funny kicks in though when Jonathon Coachman, the former WWE announcer, starts to tremble when he starts to interview his old boss. By all accounts (since I haven’t seen him on ESPN) Coachman is doing a good job on ESPN unlike his horrendous, barely better than Michael Cole performances. Coachman tosses him a bunch of softball questions so that Vince can ham it up. You can tell Vince is aggravated but is making the best of his non-WWE TV time. The best part has to be him completely no selling Coachman after he says “Nice seeing you again sir.” Vince lets the dead air hang for a good five seconds before saying “Thanks”. You could almost hear Coach’s soul being crushed which has made my afternoon a hell of a lot funnier. – Kevin

Poll: Whose random WWE face/heel turn makes least sense?

Apparently in knitting, this is called a heel turn. This one looks like shit. So whose recent turn also looks like shit?

Apparently in knitting, this is called a "heel turn," like when you make a sock. This one looks like shit. So whose recent turn also looks like shit?

These are the things that keep us awake at night: Why should I cheer John Morrison? Just because the Miz attacked him and is now an awesome heel? Why should I cheer Mr. Kennedy? He’s a dick! What about MVP? I thought when I heard the clock tickin’ I was about to stop livin’? (Oh wait, that was before they cropped the shit out of his theme music.) Anyway, I actually don’t think I put any heel turns on the list (because there haven’t been any nonsensical ones lately), but go ahead and vote for whose turn makes the least sense, and feel free to leave comments!

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