WWE releases Mr. Kennedy, I release hearty laughter

PLEASE, give me another chance, PLEASE!

"PLEASE, give me another chance, PLEASE!"

We’re speechless: WWE announced today the release of Mr. Kennedy. Why was he released? Because as my headline a couple of days ago said, he sucks. I feel a blog bubbling up inside me… -Eric

3 Responses

  1. Good riddence to the talentless idiot. Idiot.

  2. Yeah I bet people in TNA are humping their calenders counting down his no compete. Add it to the trash pile.


    Eric a fucking audio better be bubbling up…..

  3. Another former WWE wrestler soon joining Purgatory aka TNA. I am surprised it took them this long to fire Mr Glass. Maybe because they needed to sell a extra hundred copies of his direct to dvd movie, so they delay the death blow. Not even Kennedy being a fucking arrogant, neocon tool didn’t spare his job from the axe . Better start working on your southern accent, ass kissing skills for Jarrett, and working in front of about 300 inbred tourists at a second rate theme park.

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