SG Poll: Which n00b made the best debut on ECW?

Tonight’s ECW featured the debut of four new and undoubtedly, undeniably future SUPERSTARS (ugh) in Yoshi Tatsu, Abraham Washington (you know what I’m sayin’), Sheamus and Tyler Reks (dude, that’s how it was spelled in FCW, dude). The poll is simple: Which man made the best debut? Just base your vote on what he did, but feel free to leave comments discussing your opinions on each guy, his future potential, his upside and shortcomings, etc.

WWE roster moves: Who benefits, which ones were dumb?

Ah, these were the good ol days.

Ah, these were the good ol' days.

WWE just announced a BLOCKBUSTER (read: stupid, unnecessary) shake-up of each of its three rosters. Fifteen wrestlers, five from each brand, just finished a game of musical chairs or, in some cases, musical pink slips. Let’s see how the moves stack up, for the wrestlers, for the brands and for the fans.


Evan Bourne: Hard to argue with an exciting newcomer the company likes moving to the flagship show. Bourne spent a little time on Raw last year feuding with Mike Knox; look at how far each of them has come (*shed tear for Knox*). It’s not out of the realm of possibility, though, that Bourne will get lost in the shuffle. Who can he feud with? Miz? A face feud with Kofi Kingston? A lateral pass, feuding with Jack Swagger? He still gets a bigger audience to perform for, so that’s cool.

Jack Swagger: Same goes for Swagger: Small fish with a push moving to a big pond. I’ve said it a million times, but there are still certain aspects of his character and entire package that just don’t go well together: big, smiling doofus promoting his all-American status coming to the ring to Rage Against the Machine knock-off music, for instance. He’s a good wrestler and a good character, though, who could have stood a little more pickling in ECW. Possible feuds with MVP and… fuck, I don’t know, Kofi again, might not be shabby.

Gail Kim: The recently returned Kim vs. Beth Phoenix or Maryse has a lot more appeal than Kim vs. Michelle McTaker. Looks good to me.

Alicia Fox: Who truly fucking cares?

Mark Henry: Given the re-debut he made Monday night (decisively beating WWE Champion Randy Orton) and the response he received from the crowd (favorable for the first time in years), WWE must have big things in mind for this 13-year veteran. That’s fine, he’s earned it. He’s still not the best wrestler they have, but he’s much, much better than he’s ever been, and it looks like he’s shed that awful Tony Atlas, so he can talk for himself and sink or swim on his own. Let’s see what happens.

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PWO – Season 2 – Episode 13

This picture is as connected to the PWO as one of their segments.

This picture is as connected to the PWO as one of their segments.

Super Hentai took on Morty Rackem, with Matthew Justice.  Hentai and Rackem countered easy moves from each other. Hentai clotheslined Rackem outside then hit a sling shot cross body on the floor. Rackem executed a swinging neck breaker. Rackem tried to hit a top rope suplex but was thrown off. Hentai missed a top rope cross body. Rackem hit a DDT but didn’t get a three count. Rackem distracted the referee by throwing a chair in the ring. He tried to use his belt but it was taken away by Matthew Justice. Hentai then executed a Northern Lights Suplex for the win. Rackem attacked Hentai with the belt when Justice made the save.

Analysis: Good match. Dombrowski, flying solo, advanced Hentai’s obsession with Johnny Gargano and the rift between Justice and Rackem. The later of the feuds needs to move along further because it’s been treading water for too long.

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