The Art of Wrestling – Il(l) Padrino

Allegedly, this is a pillow used by Kurt Angle's children.

Allegedly, this is a pillow used by Kurt Angle's children.

Evidently TNA did get the gumption to come up with some new shirts. I’m going to start with the one lowest on the list which is for Kurt Angle. It is called Il Padrino which is Italian for The Godfather. He holds that position within the Main Event Mafia so it is quite fitting.

Unfortunately, they have made a shirt out of the stupidest saying that Angle has come up with to date. On the front is a rose, which refers to “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” by Poison or something equally fucktarded that Angle says. The picture is terrible since the lighting creates a shadow over top of the rose. You also miss the words “Il Padrino” scrawled in blood that I believe is supposed to resemble a stem. I don’t mind uneven designs but this one, especially the print, seems to go to far along the ribcage which makes it hard to see as the first picture demonstrates. The rose and pedals look fine but I’m not sure why blood is dripping off the leaves considering that the stem is what pricks you. The dark red on black doesn’t help either. The rose color or density (hard to tell which is the bigger problem) should have been transferred to the lettering.

On the back, we have another picture tht piss poorly shows the design. Luckily the third picture does a better job of showing it again. A rose flanks each side of the TNA symbol. Underneath that is the slogan “It’s Not Personal…” with the next line below it “It’s Family Business.” I’m wondering why the line I can’t remember it’s the one on the back. It’s the whole reason the shirt was created. The text lettering does evoke the lettering used in “The Godfather” movies which is a nice touch. The design on the back is fine though.

Since the front is terrible and I can’t remember the line that created the shirt, the designer needs to be taken down like Paul Castellano. -Kevin

WrestleMania, headlined by Triple H vs. Orton, loses buys

Its your fault! No, its your fault! You cant work! Im gonna shit in your bag!

"It's your fault!" "No, it's your fault!" "You can't work!" "I'm gonna shit in your bag!" posted pay-per-view buyrate information for the past few shows, including WrestleMania 25 which, according to WWE’s second-quarter earnings report, was 960,000 buys. This is down from WrestleMania 24’s 1,058,000 (according to this Impact Wrestling report from last year), which in turn was down from WrestleMania 23’s 1.2 million (according to Wikipedia, which is always 100 percent accurate). Donald Trump helped WM23’s buyrate a scoch more than Floyd Mayweather helped WM24’s, but Triple H and Randy Orton helped turn away almost 100,000 viewers. Good one, assbags. Maybe WM26 will feature, I don’t know, Randy… Orton? Versus… Tri… ple…………… H? Smell the money! -Eric

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