UPDATE: Kurt Angle’s lawyer says white trash is innocent

Should have gotten a ride from this guy.

Should have gotten a ride from this guy.

WPXI in Pittsburgh posted an update on the Kurt Angle fiasco on its Web site. Here are a couple of snippets worth examining:

“According to the criminal complaint, his girlfriend had filed a protection from abuse order against him, which was served at Angle’s home Saturday morning.”

“Angle’s attorney, Michael Santicola, also said that there was no corroborating evidence to prove the woman needed a protection from abuse order.”

Hey, lawyer, it really doesn’t matter if someone proves she “needed” the order, SHE WAS GIVEN THE ORDER! So I’m pretty sure by following Rhaka Khan to Starbucks, he was violating an order that was already served. Unless…

“Santicola said there’s no way Angle could have known the woman was at the Starbucks where he is accused of violating the P.F.A.”

Yes, there is a way. In fact, there are many ways. “I’m going to Starbucks”… “Hey, she usually goes to Starbucks”… “What are all of these Starbucks cups doing piling up here?” I know the lawyer is just doing the job he’s paid for, but he sounds like an idiot. As Dusty speculated in our super secret conversation, maybe this Santicola character is just Santino Marella in a wig pretending to be a lawyer. -Eric

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