Stunt Granny Audio: The worst of WWE Summerslam!

Yep, impossible to tell.

Yep, impossible to tell.

Dusty, Eric and Jordan are back to discuss the flipside, the opposite of their previous show, the not-so-best… that’s right, the worst of WWE Summerslam, as voted on by the Stunt Galaxy! (Eric made a horrible error, though, and forgot to include 1991 in the “best” category, so the guys gush over that one, too.) Man, the 1990s weren’t pretty. Which ones were the ugliest of the bunch? And which stinkeroo from the ’00s made it, as well? You’ll just have to click and listen! (Each part surprisingly under 50 minutes.)

Worst of WWE Summerslam (Part 1)

Worst of WWE Summerslam (Part 2)

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