Enjoy Sarita’s Legs

I have never looked at Sarah Stock, or as she is known now as Sarita, like this before but damn. Here she is on Hermie Sadler’s talk show from TNA. I don’t know who Hermie Sadler is but I know even his voice isn’t enough to make me stop watching this video. Look at her freakin legs. TNA is doing all of us a disservice by allowing her to cover those beautiful babies her ring wear. Get her some short shorts or trunks immediately. We need to see those shiny, toned and glamorous sticks in all their glory on a weekly basis.  OK, enough talk; go watch. -Jeremy

Stunt Granny Audio #56


These dogs are a barkin.

Yes that’s right, it’s a Stunt Granny Audio on the weekend or a Monday depending on when you got over here. Jeremy and Kevin run down a few things TNA and a few things Smackdown in this edition. They start off with the fundamental problems of the Bobby Lashley/Dixie Carter interview from Impact. They then marvel at the technological handicap of Mike Tenay. They even manage a conversation about the flawed logic of The World Elite and Hernandez. Oh and Jeremy marvels about Sarita’s legs.

They then move on and of course, discuss the CM Punk/Jeff Hardy cage match. Not to leave out big brother, they also dissect Matt Hardy and just what is wrong with him right now. Before it is all over they discuss the suspension of Rey Mysterio and how he has no one to blame but himself. Yes there’s more but where’s the fun in giving it all away here? So listen already.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #55

Roxxi On Way Back To TNA

Girlish Roxxi is adorable

Innocent Roxxi is adorable

Wait a minute, what the hell is this? Can it be that there is actually some good news coming out of TNA? According to Prowrestling.net via some webcast thingamajig, TNA is bringing back Roxxi. This is a great move by TNA and can’t believe they are making a good choice for a change.

For those of you who don’t know, Roxxi was fired because she got in a fight with Rhaka Kahn. So it is safe to say that since Rahka is more than likely done with Kurt Angle that it was safe to bring her back to the company.

Moment of full disclosure: I love Roxxi. TNA did their best to fuck with her after shaving her head. They treated it like no big deal and never gave her the push she deserved. Then they saddled her with that awful cursing gimmick and eventually fired her. Well, they suspended her first and then fired her. Sorry, did not renew her contract. Whatever.

One request though for TNA officials and Roxxi; please dump the plaid tights. There is no good reason to saddle that delicious backside with that garish pattern. -Jeremy

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