Stunt Granny Audio #58: Dragon Gate Weekend A-Go-Go

The streets are lined with the footprints of the Stunt Granny.

The streets are lined with the footprints of the Stunt Granny.

Dusty hosts Jordan and Eric in this two-part audio about the boys’ Labor Day weekend trip to Chicago for Dragon Gate and WWE Monday Night Raw. Since write-ups of the events themselves were posted on this very site, the guys focus on the perception of the crowds and the reactions by those fans, as well as how much of a taste of Chicago these goons really got. How did Jordan and Eric (along with SteveMHW and Derekstellar) fare on the bus and the train with the other wrestling fans? What new phrases did they all coin? And why is Jumping Jeff Farmer so scared? Click to listen!

Stunt Granny Audio #58a (49:50)

Stunt Granny Audio #58b (49:00)

3 Responses

  1. Hey Eric-

    I keep meaning to send you this video…the crying hotline…creepy, srsly.

  2. Haha, wow. Is this the crying fetish hotline we were talking about? If so, the “Kids get parents permission” line is super duper creepy.

  3. Haha yeah. Just as we observed in the hotel room, Youtube comments are a great representation of retardation (that should’ve been Eugene’s nickname…like the Reflection of Perfection…nevermind…) in the general populous. Sure the video is confusing, but I think it’s obvious that the idea is that you call the # and listen to ppl crying, not the other way around.

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