TNA Creative Team Shakeup

Do all TNA announcers have to resemble an owl?

Do all TNA announcers have to resemble an owl?

Because TNA is not a serious wrestling promotion and has no plan to provide an exciting wrestling television program or make a profit, they have apparently added Jeremy Borash and Ed Ferrara to their creative team. This according to ( and various other sources throughout the information superhighway.

When not hanging out with inadequate internet wrestling writers, Ferrara had been teaching classes in Chicago of late. Jeremy Borash is best known as Mick Foley’s personal microphone stand on Impact shows. They both will ensure that TNA remains the mediocre cure for insomnia you’ve come to know and love every Thursday night.

Meanwhile, I’d like to figure out how removing Jim Cornette and placing in charge the people who placed WCW into the hearse and drove it off the cliff is the right answer to any question, but I’d rather just watched with a bemused eye from a distance and make posts like this. It’s either that or a trip to the garage. – Dusty

TNA No Surrender PPV Preview


Sort of in time for the PPV tonight, Jeremy and Kevin come at ya with the TNA “No Surrender” PPV preview show. Listen as Jeremy struggles with his end of weekend bender hangover as Kevin tries to steer the ship away from the rocks. The guys chat is up about the importance of Kevin Nash cool and the decidedly uncool Abyss. They also discuss how the Beautiful People tag match will go down since Angelina Love decided not to have a proper work Visa. They also discuss the four-way main-event and how there should be a moratorium on thee men facing each other until the turn of the year. There is more but the fingers are still recovering as well so listen before the PPV starts. It’ll only take you 38 minutes.

TNA No Surrender 2009 Preview

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Eric’s blog: A look at WWE’s rosters: Smackdown

Dont you think I look cute in this hat?

"Don't you think I look cute in this hat?"

A couple of days ago I was inspired to begin looking at the still-lopsided rosters of WWE’s three brands. Two things precipitated this idea: Batista jumping to Smackdown to fill in all sorts of babyface gaps, and the concern that, much like we used to say about Raw, the “superior” Smackdown brand has no midcard. Nowadays, Raw has a nicely spread-out roster, while Smackdown has essentially nothing to work with. Am I right? Let’s look and see.

(1) Undertaker: He’s back, and besides Batista he’s the top babyface. Sure, CM Punk, the World Heavyweight Champion, “beat” Taker at Breaking Point, but if push came to shove, Taker would probably go over in a long feud between the two. Same with Taker and Batista, I imagine. Same with Taker and everyone. It’s getting near time for that to change, though.

(2) CM Punk: WWE brass seem to have fallen in love with Punk, much to the delight of us indy wrestling nerds who know talent the second we see it. But since he’s a heel champion, it would be misguided to consider him the No. 1 wrestler on a WWE show. But with all of the wins over Jeff Hardy, the fluke win over Taker and the copious promo time he gets, Punk is definitely the second guy in line.

(3) Batista: Way to let a fragile, water-logged mushmouth leapfrog everyone else on your B-brand. I know he gets the Road Warrior-ish pops McMahon likes, and I know he’s been on top for four years (well, as much of the past four years that he’s been active), but it sucks that Batista’s move to Smackdown is the answer to losing Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio, rather than giving John Morrison a chance.

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