Say it ain’t so Sojo~!


Not sure the TNA Knockouts division can survive this setback but according to Colin Vassallo at, Sojo Bolt has been released from TNA. You may remember her from such standout matches as Sojo versus, um, hmm, wait, that one other Knockout who wrestled her. She was also featured for a brief moment as she was featured weekly on TNA television in their lazy  “Get to know” segments. Apparently no one needed to know her as her time in the company was a waste. She got little mic time; and looked sloppy in the ring.

On a positive note, it is nice to see TNA is taking proactive steps to limit the amount of black female wrestlers on their roster. They booted Rhaka Khan, Sharmell is nowhere to be seen and now Sojo has been shown the door. Kong can now breathe easier as she has the black female wrestler market cornered. Whew! -Jeremy


Stunt Granny Audio #67


There is so much to be said about building trust.

Dusty and Kevin, the resident workhorses of Stunt Granny Enterprises, are back once again to talk about a veritable plethora of wrestling related items. Dusty is mad as hell and he ain’t going to take it anymore when it comes to TNA’s nonsense. Kevin is hard pressed to disagree with any of it. They talk about why Dixie Carter’s love it or leave it speech was the absolute worst thing that could have happened for TNA right now. They also talk about Jamie Noble’s retirement from wrestling, and how it ended not with a bang, but a whimper. They also talk about a whole bunch of other stuff, and it’s in your best interests to listen to the audio to find out what those things are, because all the cool kids are doing just that.

Stunt Granny Audio #67

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