Sid To TNA

Master and Ruler of the World.

That is according to English major Dave Meltzer. I’d say going from T-Murda to a broken down Sid is a pretty significant downgrade, but what do I know? Check this out, from Sid’s Myspace page:

Well… by now everybody has heard the news about Hulkamania going to TNA which is pretty big news and you know the Theory about “Where Hulk Hogan goes…Wrestling goes”
it happened twice it could happen again.
So now with all this happening, Business can become reborn in the year 2010
There could be a big 3 once again, WWE, TNA & UFC.
Hulk Hogan draws attention to the product causing all kinds of new doors to open for Wrestlers that a lot of people want to see back on TV.
Now….I’m Expecting that WWE will be smart about this.
This will put pressure on WWE to jump on things and go with the no brainers, The comeback storys and the Brand name talent that the fans want to see on Monday Nights where it counts.
WWE …Vince McMahon, Johnny Ace, I’m calling on you guys to do your job.
We are here to help you.
we can get you 2 guys that can add Atmosphere, concept and character to your show…Something that you don’t have right now.
one of the greatest Mic men of all time, The founding father of the nWo ..Scott Hall as Razor Ramon on Color Commentary, Not play by play I’m talking Color Commentary like Ventura and Heenan.
Scott is Good to go and he’s ready, he already made it publicly known on several radio shows.
and then theres the Big one…The Return of The Master and Ruler of the World…Psycho Sid Vicious Returns to WWE for the Biggest comeback story of all time.
Just the Comeback story alone is a no brainer but what WWE will be getting is a great storyline written by Sid that took 15 years to write.
This return is something the fans have been waiting 7 years for, The return of Psycho Sid Vicious is Voted as the top and most viewd Topic in the WWE Universe Creative Team thread.
That in itself is proof that the fans want to see this happen, Why would you deny the fans of something like this anyway?
WWE, The ball is in your court…The offer is there.
Are you going to do your job and give the fans what they want?
you don’t know what you got Till it’s gone…Use the Legends while you can and let the fans embrace every moment of it.

The offer is here.. you know where to find us!

Yum. – Dusty

Free At Last, Free At Last

Thank God Almighty, T Murdoch is free at last. – Dusty

The Art of Wrestling – Heart Failure

Digging the hearts out of the snow was part of the Hart Dungeon training.

Digging the hearts out of the snow was part of the Hart Dungeon training.

The pink and black attack has been back for quite a while now so the WWE decided to trot out a t-shirt for the Hart Dynasty. It is a head scratcher to me though considering the booking of this threesome. Natalya lost to Mickie James last week and I’ve stopped counting the times that some combination of this threesome has lost to Cryme Tyme or Eve. Yet another example of the WWE taking people out of ECW too early.

These articles are about the clothes though so on to reviewing the shirt. It’s not too surprising that it is centered on a maple leaf since it’s the main symbol of the Canadian flag. The leaf is pink with black and white trim which creates a great contrast for the main field of black. This color combination is of course a staple of the Hart Foundation. I have no idea why there is a sheen to the upper left side of the leaf though. The heart in the middle of the leaf has white and then black trim which keeps the contrasting colors separated. The black trim on the outside is also too thick which cuts into the trim around the leaf. The wings connected to the maple leaf are reminscent of the old Hart Foundation t-shirts which is a nice nod to the past. The Hart Dynasty text at the bottom of the shirt is a nice little touch. The text and the leaf have gaps in the pink which I don’t particularly care for because it doesn’t serve a purpose. If it were left solid like the wings, it creates more of a contrast with the black field color. The back of shirt is an after thought and should have been left off the shirt.

If you think pink is a manly color and like the lineage, I say buy the shirt because it’s a solid design that takes good nods to the past and doesn’t make you look like a tool like the Hart Dynasty does because of their booking. -Kevin

The Australian Media Is Retarded

What do you want from me? I have to make fun of these people.

Evidently in Australia, they haven’t realized that wrestling is fake. I hope I didn’t dash anyone’s dreams with that statement. If I did, please visit a site that gives a shit. According to this story (by way of from the Herald Sun, they reported about an attack on Hulk Hogan by Ric Flair at a press conference in Sydney. This line got me rolling:

“This reporter narrowly missed being struck with the table and photographers ducked and weaved as Ric Flair took off his trouser belt and began to whip anyone within range.”

This sentence, along with the article itself, never actually says that Flair hit Hogan with the belt.  Golly, I sure am glad the reporter missed being struck by that table. I’m also glad the reporter used my grandmother’s lingo and called Flair’s pants “trousers”. Hulk Hogan was helped to his feet to help keep this gag going. One positive is that Hogan does know his fans and they’ll eat this stuff up and want to see him get revenge on the tour through out Australia.

The fact that this incident is being covered in a major newspaper just shows you the sad state of media, even outside of this fine country. It’s also more proof that dumb people are out there but somehow, no one knows them. -Kevin

Galapagos Island Wrestling


I'm hoping Davey Richards won't come to the ring playing bagpipes.

(Eric beat me to talking about this promotion. I do like Davey Richards as a super dick head heel because he just comes off that way without him speaking. I have no idea the shenanigans that Gabe usually pulls because of my limited viewing of ROH. Having to throw money down a hole on cigarettes for your waste of space ex-wife smokes puts a dent in your spending of money on wrestling DVDs.)

In a recent development, Gabe Sapolsky, Davey Richards and Sal Hamaoui have started up a new wrestling promotion called Evolve. I missed Gabe’s post on MySpace but did catch the story on They did put out a video to go along with this announcement but there isn’t much to it. Normally we try be be condescending, as negative as possible and generally make fun of someone or thing in wrestling but I’m actually going to do some serious analysis for a change.

I have been yapping about how wrestling needs to become more like sports (Just listen to our last two shows here and here) and even though Evolve has only posted some limited rules on their proposed point system for wrestlers, they’re headed in that direction.  Let’s go through these rules:

“1. Official Singles Division: These wrestlers will concentrate on singles matches. All bouts between official wrestlers will count towards their record. Competitors become “official” either by invitation from the EVOLVE board of directors or by winning a qualifying match.”

I’ll comment on the qualifying matches which are covered under note #3. I love the idea of keeping single’s wrestlers in a separate idea. I’ve never liked the idea of a super team even if Jerishow did make the belts relevant for a couple of months in the WWE. The majority of us are tired of seeing guys team up for a tag match simply because they’re feuding with their opponents for the evening. This idea should limit or down right eliminate this crutch that is used. The fleshing out area will come in how they use the record. Will it be just a win/loss record? Will there be points for different types of victories? Speed of a victory? As I said at the top of the article, they have a lot of fleshing out to do. Continue reading

Davey Richards + Gabe Sapolsky = Ultimate Warrior

Davey Richards

"Sorry, Shingo, my lords want me to kick you very hard!"

Don’t get me wrong, Davey Richards is a Stunt Granny favorite, a wrestler who the majority of the SG crew (I say this because Jordan, Jeremy and I believe it, and I’m not sure what Dusty and Kevin think) have said could be a top-level dickhead heel in any major promotion. So what has he chosen to do? Team up with metalhead and former Ring of Honor booker, the ever-opaque Gabe Sapolsky, to start a new company called EVOLVE Wrestling (capitalize at your own whimsy).

According to, Davey Richards recently heard from WWE, but then he looked into his hands and his gods said something about rewards and punishment…?

“But no one understands why, its not for attention I do this, its not for money, its not for notoriety. Its for my beliefs, my morals, my creed. I am a man who believes hard work must be rewarded and laziness must be punished. I’ve simply walked away from places before who I feel have not shared this moral with me.

“Evolve is my opportunity to not seek out big paydays, not to seek out mainstream notoriety, or to even gain attention. Evolve is my place to seek out the best, outwork them, and beat them.”

Ohhh kay. So after I read this, I had to check out the EVOLVE Wrestling Web site, which has Age of the Fall bullshit tactics written all over it. First, here’s Gabe’s and Davey’s mission, now with 50 percent more Destrucity:

EVOLVE is an attitude.

EVOLVE is not a particular in ring style. It is not an age group. It is not strictly defined.

EVOLVE has no limitations. It has no restrictions. It has no boundaries.

EVOLVE is the ability to look into nothingness and instead of seeing nothing to recognize infinite potential and absolute possibilities.

EVOLVE is the desire to be something greater than what we’ve become.

TAKE THE PLANE INTO A NOSE DIVE HOAK HO-GAN! Anyway, this *could* be a cool concept, as it appears Gabe & Co. plan to focus on win-loss records within stringent singles and tag team divisions. It’s just too bad one of the wrestlers who’s been invited onto the roster has a first name that starts with Bobb… (Check here to see what I mean.) Yep, Gabe only wrote B-o-b-b… and made the letters fade out. So I presume he means Bobby Dempsey. Sure, it could be one of literally half a dozen active wrestlers anyone gives a shit about, except for the fact that I bet no one gives a shit about them (see: Dempsey, Bobby).

Anyway, once again, cool concept with some potential, combined with Gabe’s usual shenanigans and a hell of a talented wrestler who’s apparently gone cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. RFD-TV, here we come! -Eric

TNA Turning Point Preview


Alright look; TNA has a PPV on Sunday. It is called Turning Point. Supposedly it is going to show that TNA is indeed at a turning point and will start to showcase younger talent. On that note, Kevin and Jeremy did an audio preview of the PPV for your listening enjoyment. They cover the backward booking of the knockout matches. There is also a discussion on Brother Ray’s logic on how Hulk Hogan coming in to TNA means the younger guys are getting pushed. They also grind the show to a halt after Kevin unleashes Desmond Wolfe’s catchphrase. It’s worth the listen so get going.


Turning Point 2009 Preview

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