Stunt Granny Audio #75


It's a wonder the three of us finished this audio!

Once again, Dusty, Kevin and Eric come at you mid-week with their thoughts on the world of professional wrestling. Raw was actually noteworthy and not totally fast-forwardable this week; what did the guys think of the Vince McMahon-Shawn Michaels-Bret Hart segment? What about the challenge of John Cena to Sheamus? Or how about that Melina, huh? She’s really awesome with the injury and all. The triangle of terror also discuss Hulk Hogan and how he latches onto the popular thing at the time to make himself look good. What a nutcase. Finally the guys send out their condolences to the family of “Dr. Death” Steve Williams and discuss why he’s so awesome. All that, and no talk of mickie james,  gas mask,  mickie james hot,  mickie james no clothes,  scott steiner (seriously, those are our top searches), so click and enjoy!

Stunt Granny Audio #75

RIP “Dr. Death” Steve Williams- Updated

He will be missed. -Dusty

In case you think we are being dicks, which is entirely possible mind you; here is a link from He may have never acheived huge stardom in WWF/E but Steve Williams was the first wrestler who legit scared me as a heel. From The Varsity Club to his hook up with Terry Gordy, he was a legit looking badass. it never made sense to me how he didn’t catch on on a grand scale in the states but whatever. One of my all time favs is gone.  Cancer is a son of a bitch. Now, at least, he has some peace from the pain. –Jeremy

Melina Injured- Updated

Word going around the Torch forum campfire is that Melina is injured. Remember when she started out in WWE with MNM and she was sexy, and the gimmick was cool, and everything was Old Lady Wilcox and you thought this was going to be the greatest thing ever? So then they turned her babyface and she’s the worst babyface in wrestling history. And now she’s injured and will be missed by no one. Sadface Boulevard. – Dusty

OK so it is official, according to What a shame, at least this gives her time to take some acting classes. You know, so she isn’t totally unbelievable as a face. -Jeremy

Mickie James is an attractive female

I’m just sick of looking at those jokes pictured at the top of our page, and in lieu of an actual news story to post on here, I’m just going to use the opportunity to post a picture of Mickie James. Because: oh fuck yes. – Dusty

Indy starlets Young Bucks sign with TNA… blecch

Young Bucks

Fucking dorks.

According to, the Young Bucks have signed with TNA. This follows what was called a “great” dark match against the Motor City Machine Guns. Rather than paste what Powell wrote, let me paste what Jordan and I had to say about the Young Bucks after we saw them at the Dragon Gate show in Chicago over Labor Day weekend:

The Young Bucks suck. They have a couple of OK moves, but they are boring babyfaces and look cheesy as shit with their tassles and “YB” on the asses of their blue tye-dieish tights and their “COME ON, BABY!” offense. The crowd spent their entire reactions chanting “H-A-G-E!” at the bald Horiguchi (that’s how you spell “bald” in Japanese), and Horiguchi was superbly entertaining in his reactions. One of the Bucks kicked the ref to bump him (whoa, Gabe, take it easy), so the Bucks got a visual three-count. Thankfully, Horiguchi sprayed blue mist into one of the Bucks eyes (good god, man, Russo called and wants his playbook back) then hit some sort of cross-armed facebuster for the pin. Blond Buck then started crying for his brother, begging the gods to deliver him a bottle of water to rinse out his precious partner’s eyes. He bitched, pissed and moaned at the ref like a good babyface should, then the two raised their hands at the top of the ramp even though they didn’t win. Oh, go away.

If they’re half as cheesy in TNA as they were that night, they’ll still be twice as cheesy as Mick Foley. Hell, Foley might overhear that they’re “cheesy” and eat them! -Eric

Stunt Granny Audio #74

Cauliflower ear

That's supposed to be cauliflower. Har har har.

Happy Boxing Day, everybody! Dusty and Eric team up for this audio, officially recorded starting Christmas Day and ending about half an hour into the following morning. But whatever, it’s a weekend audio! The guys talk about the deaths in professional wrestling in the year 2009, as well as the last Smackdown of the year. Eric also reads from the January 1995 Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine and finds a wrestler’s name you have to hear to believe. Also, what hot tip does Eric have about TNA iMPACT!, set to air Jan. 4? Click and listen! (65 minutes)

Stunt Granny Audio #74

Merry Christmas!

From all of us here at Stunt Granny, Merry Christmas.

If you don’t celebrate Christmas you are an idiot. You are totally missing out on a wealth of gifts and family guilt. So put down the Menorah. Toss the Koran away and pick up a failing evergreen tree and get in the Christmas mood. You don’t even need to muddy the waters with the whole Jesus thing. Embrace Santa and his crass consumer ways man!

Oh and we’ll be back Monday unless something totally crazy happens.

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