Roxxi Breaks Ankle; Sad Faces Abound

Roxxi came back as cute as ever.

This totally sucks. According to Jason Powell at via Dixie Carters twitter, my favorite TNA Knockout Roxxi broke her ankle. It is a rare thing when watching TNA that I actually feel like I am not being sodomized with a Texas Pete lubed chainsaw. Imagine my surprise when Roxxi showed up last week and then beat ODB. She was finally getting a push and all seemed right with TNA. Visions of Alyssa Flash versus Roxxi danced in my head and the knockout division actually mattered again.

Now it doesn’t and I hate TNA even more. Is it their fault she broke her ankle? Probably not but I blame them for everything else so this is yet another thing they have done wrong. How? I don’t know but whatever. I am sad. –Jeremy

2 Responses

  1. So hot, want to touch. – Dusty

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