Stunt Granny Audio #76: The Monday Night War (heh)

Little green army men

Eric and Kevin tackle the big news of the past two or three days this week, discussing the head-to-head battle for sports entertainment supremacy between WWE Monday Night Raw and TNA Impact. Who made a better showing, Bret Hart or Hulk Hogan with Eric Bischoff? How did the competing segments stack up? Raw’s “main event” was a promo with Hart and Vince McMahon; how did that compare with the PPV-length Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles match? And what points were really driven home successfully on both shows? Well, dang it, you’ll just have to click to listen! (70 minutes)

Stunt Granny Audio #76

Stunt Granny Decade-End Awards: Who would you vote for?


All this can be yours!

Hey friendos, now that the Naughty Aughties are over, it’s time to do like everyone else and take a look back at the decade that was… Stunt Granny style. This Friday, we’ll post our winners (and first and second runners-up) in 12 categories. But before then, we want to know what you think, too! So leave a comment on this post, or join our forum and discuss there, who you think should take home the canned ham in these categories:

Best wrestler
Best tag team
Best promo cutter
Best match
Best promotion
Best angle
Best PPV
Best TV show
Best off-screen happening
Best injury
Worst wrestler
Worst promo cutter

Put in your two cents, then check back here Friday for our 1.5 cents!

The Art of Wrestling – Bret vs. Hulk

WWE & TNA are trying to chase the dollars in the sky too.

After the big “Monday Night War”, which concluded on TNA’s part since Spike is putting UFC on this coming Monday, you had to know that both companies would be competing for your dollars for either Bret Hart or Hulk Hogan t-shirts. So in I step to give my take on the shirts. As Dusty & I talked about in this audio, both of these legends have their own color scheme which of course are Pink & Black and Red & Yellow. On, Bret Hart was the first thing I saw. They did scroll through other products. On, the first thing I saw was Sting. I had to scroll down to see the pictures of Hogan’s t-shirts. TNA did scroll through Hogan’s shirts at the top of the page but it should have been the first image you see.  On to reviewing the shirts.

Bret Hart’s shirt is pretty typical of what his other shirts of the past. It has a skull that is centered on a pink heart. The skull is sprouting black wings which has a matrix of of white & lighter gray on the inside, a darker support gray going to the points of the wings and a nice outline of gray around the outside. The outline intertwines with the design in the background which looks like some growing vines. I think the design would work better if the vine design were white but it has enough contrast to look pretty good.

Hulk Hogan has two shirts that TNA is selling. I’m going to gloss over the first one because it is the classic/retro red shirt with yellow “Hulkamania” text. It seems that classic is still quite viable even if it’s not quite all the rage. I’m sure it’ll sell well.

The second shirt is a take off of the Barack Obama “Change” poster. I saw the “Hope” poster and they have the same design principles. Shepard Fairey was the artist who created these iconic images. He also created “Andre the Giant Has a Posse” in 1989 while at the Rhode Island School of Design. Take a look at his multiple designs for Andre here. Fairey got inspiration from old lithography posters much like Andy Warhol’s art in my eyes. The right hand side of the poster is yellow including Hogan’s face while the left hand side is yellow. Hogan’s fu manchu and what is left of his hair is white. They have “Hulkamamania” across the middle of his bandana which stays yellow. Hogan has a pair of sunglasses on above the letter. The frames change color from left to right. Hogan is wearing a black t-shirt so that you can see the word “Change” in yellow at the bottom. In the middle of the word is a faint TNA logo. The poster is bordered by pale yellow trim. On the back is a TNA logo and Hulkamania in red.

Wahrol's style was different but the new ones developed from it.

I don’t think this works quite as well because all of that yellow is a little too assaulting to me. I think it’d work better if Hogan’s face had more white in it rather than just making his fu manchu white. The Obama poster has more of a vertical feel because it uses red, beige & blue in his face. The fu manchu just throws that additional color in there without adding any design ideas. The colors aren’t as bright in the original either although I obviously understand the use of Hogan’s colors. With the changing of the colors, I would think they would also want to transition the word Hulkamania from red on the right to yellow on the left so that it was the opposite of the rest of the shirt.

I think the Bret Hart shirt is more successful but Hogan’s first shirt is a classic so it will sell well. No matter how much I picked apart Hogan’s second shirt, it is still creative and will also sell like hotcakes. – Kevin

WWE Raw and TNA Impact post solid ratings Monday… I’ll be darned


OK, it wasn't that bad.

According to, both WWE Monday Night Raw and TNA iMPACT! put up good ratings for the head-to-head showdown Monday night. Raw pulled in a 3.6, which is about a five-month high, and Impact did a 1.5 for the whole three-hour show, with a 1.33 average for the two head-to-head hours. (For what it’s worth, TNA’s ratings went down from its Hour 2 to its Hour 3, while Raw’s went up during that same time frame.)

Well I’ll be a monkey’s bare-as…

(That’s where my Firefox crashed because I left Dot Net open too long.)

Well I’ll be a monkey’s bare-assed uncle. This can be explained one of two ways: Either a large chunk of the audience was able to switch back and forth often enough to confuse Nielsen into reporting a combined 5.0 rating, or there really is a 5.0-rating worth of an audience out there that wants to watch wrestling. And if Ring of Honor/HDNet reports its ratings, there might be even more people hiding under rocks out there. No matter the answer, good for wrestling! I’m telling you now, things are on the upswing. -Eric

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