Best of 2009 – Kevin Edition

Who gets to walk down Stunt Granny's red carpet for 2009?

So there was a mix up at Stunt Granny central and I thought we were to do a YEAR end awards write up not a decade end awards write up. Eric and Dusty are better at that stuff anyway.  I’m just plowing through 2009 happenings. I’ve gone through my digital camera, mined through the internet and have culled up the best parts of this past year.

Best tag teamSarita & Taylor Wilde. This category is an awful one. I went with Sarita & Wilde because I like to look at them. They’ve also had a nice long run (since September 20th) and have been featured on TV. They lost the belts after the New Year so I’m sticking with the hot stuff and cutie pie combination.

2nd PlaceBeer Money. I want to go with them but they’ve been kicked in the teeth for the past 6 months.

3rd PlaceJeriShow.  They only made the tag belts prominent in the WWE for 2 months but that’s better than anybody else in the last five years.

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Stunt Granny Decade-End Awards: Eric’s picks

Two-time Slammy award winner Owen Hart

Dang, we should have called these "The Grannies." (Photo borrowed liberally from the UK Sun)

In a decade that started huge, slumped pathetically and began an upswing as the final ball dropped; that saw John Cena, Randy Orton and Edge come into their own, Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker continue to wow at their increasing ages, and Triple H somehow still on top of the mountain, sometimes wearing beaver pelt while he stood there; that saw WCW and ECW disappear, ECW re-appear, TNA and ROH emerge, and IWA-MS, um, bleed for a buck and a quarter per wrestler… here are the big winners (and a couple of losers) from the sometimes-maligned, sometimes-acclaimed ’00s.

Shawn Michaels:
No one ever — not Flair, Hart or Steamboat — could have wrestled as many good-to-great matches during the first 14 years of his career, taken four and a half years off for a completely torn-up back, and then returned to wrestle seven more years of great-to-excellent matches. Possibly the best in-ring storyteller ever; you understand — and feel — exactly what he feels because of his excellent facials. And he’s a human pinball to boot.

Runners-up: Kurt Angle (Probably the fastest learner ever. Many great WWE matches, some good TNA matches considering what he had to work with — including a broken-down body.) Undertaker (Somehow still improving every year. Always having great matches. And smart enough to take time off when he needs to.)

Honorable mentions: Edge, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit

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