RIP Ludvig Borga

Steroid free starts with he.

Word going around everywhere, but I’m going to credit my boy SteveMHW since he sent me the text message that initially alerted me to this, is that Tony Halme, better known to wrestling fans as Ludvig Borga, died today at the age of 47.

Let us now reflect on a life that included terrible promos about how disgusting America is, a stint in the main events against “Made in the USA” Lex Luger that inspired worldwide apathy, and a terrible one-and-done stint in the UFC that saw him get his butt handed to him, uh, handily. And he sure did have some big ol’ muscles, didn’t he? – Dusty

WWE Turfs DJ Gabriel

He's the one wearing glasses.

According to Jason Powell at, WWE just turfed DJ Gabriel (aka Steve Lewington, aka Guy You Probably Didn’t Know Was Still With The Company). He’s another shit or get off the pot guy for WWE, meaning that he was in developmental for way too long, and if you can’t figure out what to do with him, you might as well just release him and get on with your life. (Following along in a great tradition that includes Colt Cabana and Low Ki.)

He’s a solid worker, not great or anything, but decent enough to be useful somewhere. Since he dates back to Cornette era OVW, perhaps he will land on his feet in ROH. They certainly have to be looking to beef up their once mighty roster, so all is not lost for the forgotten one. – Dusty

The WWE Champion Is A Pussy

Don't mess with this man's protein.

I am copying this story from here:, but word going around the Torch Forum campfire is that it’s actually taken verbatim from a Wrestling Observer news item, so credit belongs to Meltzer, I would suppose. In any event:

There is a story going around the WWE locker room about WWE champion Sheamus getting punked out by his former roomate, ECW star Yoshi Tatsu. The two lived together along with Ted DiBiase Jr. in Tampa, Florida before they were called up to the main roster.

Back when he was wrestling for WWE developmental, Sheamus played “big dog” in the apartment and pissed his off DiBiase and Tatsu because he allegedly would use their protein shakers and not clean them. Ted and Yoshi confronted him at the same time once. Sheamus got mad and threw Tatsu’s shaker at him but Yoshi caught it. Sheamus then called out Tatsu but Yoshi ended up beating Sheamus pretty bad. Yoshi is said to be very good with his hands and has boxed and gone through the New Japan dojo.

When recently asked if the story was true, Tatsu would only say, “I just wanted to teach Sheamus a lesson in respect. Don’t mess with other peoples stuff.”

There was hope within WWE that the story would make its way to Vince McMahon, who has always had the mindset that he doesn’t want people to think one of his World Champions lost a real fight.

Well, guess what Vince. Your World Champion got punked by someone you perceive to be a lower midcarder for life. And he’s an asshole to boot. I know that none of that necessarily equals bad for business, but I would definitely hold this against Sheamus much more than his friendship with Triple H. And where was Ashton Kutcher to inform him that he got Punk’d? – Dusty

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