WWE Signs Joe Doering

This is the “All Japan headliner” Dave Meltzer was referring to in his recent teaser posts. Apparently he just got a Triple Crown shot against Satoshi Kojima in a rushed feud, and now we all know why it was rushed. He is reported to be around 6 foot 5 and 300 pounds.

First thing he needs to do is hit the fucking gym. That’s a terrible physique unless he wants to spend a few years in Florida before going back to Japan. He also needs to find himself a new name. What, is he related to Danny Doering? Get in shape, get yourself a name, and learn how to work. Wake me when you do. – Dusty

Sid Got A Makeover

If this is his way of gearing up for a return to the ring where he can shank hapless fools with the powerbomb on a nightly basis, then I have no problem with how ridiculous he looks. – Dusty

Peace Out, Six Sided Ring

Comes with flag and championship belt!

According to PWInsider:

Say goodbye to the six-sided ring. TNA has a traditional four-sided ring set up in the Impact Zone for tonight’s Genesis PPV.

TNA had been using the six-sided ring since debuting at Universal Studios in May 2004 for their first Impact taping.

Good riddance to bad rubbish, even though the six sided ring did seem to have an invisible touch-ay… it reaches in and grabs right hold of my heart… – Dusty

Genesis Preview (Text Edition)

Michelangelo was a hell of a painter.

I was ready to bash TNA for their shoddy build up for this pay per view in the audio context but I found an unwilling crew in the rest of my comrades. I can’t say I blame them. After watching the last half of iMPACT!, I’ve at least partially changed my mind. I still think they could have used a show last Thursday to capitalize on Hulk Hogan and everyone else showing up. TNA could have also pimped the regular time slot for iMPACT! along with building the storylines to the pay per view better. From what I saw though, they did a good job of setting up the matches and focusing on them with just this one show. On to the preview even if I’m not sure Dusty’s neighbor will get it tonight.

The Pope D’Angelo Dinero vs. Desmond Wolfe – I can’t believe they are having this match. First, they make Wolfe lose three straight major matches after his debut in TNA finishing with his loss to the Pope on the Monday iMPACT! so to make up for that gaffe they had Wolfe beat Samoa Joe this week. Way to fuck up three of your future stars all at one time guys. It should be an entertaining match and no matter who wins, someone is getting kicked down the ladder too soon in their push. Winner – Desmond Wolfe.

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