WWE Signs Joe Doering

This is the “All Japan headliner” Dave Meltzer was referring to in his recent teaser posts. Apparently he just got a Triple Crown shot against Satoshi Kojima in a rushed feud, and now we all know why it was rushed. He is reported to be around 6 foot 5 and 300 pounds.

First thing he needs to do is hit the fucking gym. That’s a terrible physique unless he wants to spend a few years in Florida before going back to Japan. He also needs to find himself a new name. What, is he related to Danny Doering? Get in shape, get yourself a name, and learn how to work. Wake me when you do. – Dusty

3 Responses

  1. Yoshi Tatsu had the same build until WWE made him workout, drink protein shakes, & take his Flintstone chewables.

  2. That picture with Suwama was from 2007. Try an updated photo and actually know what you are talking about before you even think of writing.

    This picture is still only from the end of 2008. Add over a year of training and I think even you would understand why Joe Doering (no not any relation to Danny Doering) is ready for the WWE.

  3. Ive seen Joe wrestle in Windsor, Ont he seems pretty talented I wish him all the best GL

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