Alyssa Flash Gone From TNA.

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It just gets funnier and funnier in the land of TNA. Cheerleader Melissa, better known in TNA as Alyssa Flash has asked for her release from TNA according to These dumb bastards are possibly going to let another, young, fresh face go so they can continue with the likes of “Towel Guy Dudley” Sean Morley? Yes she may be just another puny woman but she is marketable and young unlike TNA’s current direction. Plus she has an amazingly cute lisp. This doesn’t really mean much but she does.

Here comes the full disclosure statement; I love everything about Melissa. So the idea of her being unemployed after this is unsettling. There is always the indy scene of course and a return to Shimmer would be aces.

I am not sure she is what WWE is looking. As Eric likes to say “She is the bee’s knees” but then WWE doesn’t like their women to look like real women, let alone wrestle.

Since Kong has also asked for her release it is possible that WWE can swoop them up as a package type deal and interject them on Smackdown. This won’t happen but the idea of her versus Mickie James makes my nether regions tingled in delight. – Jeremy

Awesome Kong Gone From TNA?

When I get to the WWE, I get to kick Michael Cole's ass.

Finally Beth Phoenix versus Awesome Kong can happen. Let me back up, the greatest women’s wrestler on the planet has asked for her release from TNA. Yes, Awesome Kong has asked for her release according to

In typical TNA fashion they acted retarded and it has ended up costing them, hopefully, one of their only real marketable and money drawing wrestlers. Regardless if she is a woman or not she is a hundred times better than 98 percent of the roster. But since she has a vagina, she gets no respect. Whatever. WWE is the only place she should be.

John Lauranitis better be on the phone starting Monday to sign her for immediate exposure on Smackdown. Get her in the middle of Beth and Mickie and then have a big blow out at WrestleMania damnit. He also needs to make sure and sign the package deal and bring in the extraordinary Cheerleader Melissa. Yeah, she’s available as well. Fantasy booking at its best! This has to happen. -Jeremy

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