Spoilers from tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw taping

Raw granny

This granny likes it RAW~!

Kevin is texting us updates from the Nationwide Arena (Nationwide is on your side) in Columbus, Ohio (the University of Iowa is on my side). Here they are, in a timely fashion (with my asshole comments in italics):

7:33 p.m.: They have to top (tarp?) half of the arena behind the hard camera. The areas open are packed. Superstars match is the Bella Twins vs. Katie Lea & Jillian. (Godspeed, Kevin.) The Bellas win with a victory roll. The Bellas didn’t look bad until after the hot tag. Decent match. Katie got the most cat calls. Guards have passed out some DX glow sticks.

7:44 p.m.: Chavo vs. Primo vs. Masters for a spot in the Rumble. Chavo is locked for a Masters win. Too bad the crowd lost. (Ba-dum ching.) Masters got an OK reaction. Looks like a SS match. (I hope he’s not referring to the SS like the tattoo on Ludvig Borga’s leg.)

7:52 p.m.: Jericho came out and said he’d win the RR. Truth came out to a big pop (sad) and ran down Y2J. Truth claims he’ll win the RR (that’ll be the fuckin’ day). Short brawl & Jericho bails.

James Roday Out For Tonight’s Raw

I know, you know, that he ain't comin' to Raw...

Oh snap~! I got shardz of breaking nooz in my eye!!!

According to prowrestling.net, Roday, the star of the excellent television program Psych (third best show on TV after Mad Men and House, period), had an emergency appendectomy over the weekend and had to pull out of the show. Co-star Dule Hill will now apparently host the show by himself. – Dusty

Stunt Granny Will Be Raw

Andy (L), Tim (C) and I (R) will be at Raw tonight.

One quarter (or fifth) of Stunt Granny will be attending Raw tonight at the fabulous Nationwide Arena in lovely downtown Columbus, Ohio. Andy, Tim & I will have seats close to the one pictured above.

According to WWE.com, James Roday & Dule Hill will be the guests hosts. I couldn’t pick these guys out of a line up even if their show airs directly after Raw during their season. The guest host role has been reduced some as of late so I’m sure they’ll do a fine job of playing buddy, buddy with John Cena since he will be on Psych that airs Jan. 27th. No other information is provided on their site.

Over at our buddy Jason Powell’s Prowrestling.net, he notes that John Cena versus Sheamus for the WWE Championship. I’m sure this match will end in some type of DQ because they’re not going to change a match at the Royal Rumble this close to the event. I’m not sure what else to expect aside from maybe a qualifying match or two for Royal Rumble entrants.

Because of a demanding contractor and shit weather, I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of Nationwide to do an Architecture of Wrestling but it will get done at some point. Considering this will be the second Raw in eight months, I get the odd feeling a live taping won’t happen again for a while. I try to make the arenas coincide with live events but this one may be an exception.

We’re hoping to get an audio posted soon after the event even if it means me staying up way past my bedtime. – Kevin

Update: Ted DiBiase (Jr.) will be signing copies of “The Marine 2” at the K-Mart down the street from my condo tomorrow between 6-8 PM.  I’m debating whether to be a complete dork. I don’t think it’s worth the money to buy the DVD though.

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