2010 Royal Rumble Random Draw Kick-Ass Pick’ Em (Kinda) Game

We dont worry too much about copyrights around here.

We don't worry too much about copyrights around here.

Remember last year when we did that amazing game where you all signed up, then I picked numbers from 1 to 30 out of a Baltimore Colts fitted cap, and whoever had the number of the man who won the Royal Rumble match got bragging rights and a date with their attractive cousin? Well, Stunt Granny wants to share that fun with you again! For this game (which is totally not affiliated with WWE), all you need to do is leave a comment on this post saying you’re interested in playing. DEADLINE IS 6 P.M. CENTRAL, SUNDAY, JAN. 31. At that time, Eric will randomly draw numbers from 1 to 30 in the order you signed up (don’t worry, the five of us won’t play, including Jordan, who won last year); once Eric gets to the end of the list, he’ll start from the top again, making it first-come, first-served. So if 10 people sign up, everyone gets three numbers. If 29 people sign up, everyone gets one number, but the first person to sign up gets an extra number. We have nothing to give you, so all you’ll win is the chance to gloat in a comment. But *what a comment!* So sign up today, then order the 2010 WWE Royal Rumble (we’re totally not affiliated with WWE), and take a spot on the edge of your seat! Whoa!

21 Responses

  1. Count me in, “I’m interested in playing.”

  2. In it to win it!

  3. Count me in!!! I’m gonna win because I’m bizarre!!!!!!!

  4. Please count me in.

  5. I’m as interested as Wade at a titty bar, sign me up!

  6. Put me in coach

  7. yearh #6, that’s gotta be a winner!

  8. Attractive cousin you say? Count me in!

  9. I’ll join if there’s still time to.

  10. You cannot have a Rumble contest without the man.

  11. Has anybody seen eric?

  12. Am I too late or is there room for me as well?

    • Sorry man, you didn’t beat the clock, which sucks because I totally told myself before the drawing, “I wish I could rig this thing and give mgwood 29.”

  13. Almost ready!!! I had to get groceries and fucking forgot milk. I’m drawing right now…

  14. Alright, sorry for the delay! Here are everyone’s numbers:

    Aaron: 1, 21, 26
    SteveMHW: 6, 23, 28
    Jeff Brown: 2, 16, 29
    tommyg: 8, 14, 18
    Fanatic: 15, 19, 30
    johnbeverett: 7, 25, 27
    zourah: 3, 12, 24
    Truth: 4, 11, 20
    Brian: 5, 9, 10
    Mauer: 13, 17, 22

  15. Thank God I didn’t get 619.

  16. Jeff Brown is da winner!!!!!!!!

  17. Congratulations, Jeff Brown! I wish we had something to give you! But hey, look at how far winning last year’s contest has taken Jordan; his heavy breathing is practically a superstar now!

  18. Politics holding me back again.

  19. 1. Dolph Ziggler
    21. Yoshi Tatsu
    26. Jack Swagger

    I had an all-star team, I thought for sure one of my picks would win. I wish they would bring back the World 6 Man Tag Belts! At my own home I had JTG, Evan Bourne and Great Khali. It just wasn’t my year.

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