WWE Is Cleaning House

Yeah this pic is hot.

Holy shit its cleaning day for WWE.  As of this posting WWE has released three wrestlers and only one really comes as a surprise.

Shane “The Hurricane” Helms was the first to go and really who cares? Apparently his ability to sell merchandise went dry and WWE realized they no longer need him. Helms was at one point one of WWE’s hottest selling acts with multiple t-shirts and gimmicks for dumb kids to buy. Then he got hurt, violated the wellness policy, and got hurt, got hurt, then got in trouble with the law. So good riddance. He brought nothing to the table now and a TNA career is lkely ahead of him.

WWE also release Paul Burchill. This is yet another lack of surprise based on him losing a mask versus leaving ECW match to The Hurricane. This has been screamed on our audios; “unless you plan on retiring, don’t allow yourself to be written in to situations like that. As soon as that stipulation comes up act sick. Don’t; give them the excuse of “ creative has nothing for you.” Burchill never really got his feet in the WWE door. He was featured sparingly but for whatever reason they never go behind him.

The big surprise, due to her high profile gig coming up on The Apprentice, is Maria. You know the red haired girl dancing with Matt Hardy now? Remember how special she used to be. Then she got naked and everyone for got about her. Some could chalk this up to the Playboy curse but in this matter, yeah, it works. As soon as she was in it she has been nowhere near the level she once was. So WWE, having nothing for her, cut her as well.

Stay tuned, there has to be more right? -Jeremy

Stunt Granny Audio #84

Jeremy and Kevin are back on the airwaves and they’re not actually doing a preview for a pay per view. If it wasn’t obvious from the picture above, they talk about the WWE’s new reality blend show NXT. Which one of our hosts liked this show and was gushing over it like a school girl talks about Robert Pattinson? Which one of the hosts brought up the negatives of the show? And how long did it take for him to note them? Find out by clicking the link below.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #84

Bubba The Love Sponge Threatens To Kill Awesome Kong?

Oh Really?

God damn Bubba The Love Sponge fucking sucks. According to Prowrestling.net, Awesome Kong (Kia Stevens) has filed a lawsuit against the rotund radio host for calling her on Feb 10th and threatening, in a fun way, to kill her. You can read the quote from the link. There is a problem since the caller ID was blocked so no number shows up, but I totally believe Kong in all she says. See, Bubba is a talentless nobody who has a job based on Howard Stern having the need for additional content on his XM channel at one time. He got his foot in with TNA due to Hulk Hogan and then proceeded to rip on Haiti. When confronted by Kong she embarrassed him.

Now, Bubba says it wasn’t him calling since Kong claims the call was made while on the air at 5:08 am and his show doesn’t broadcast until 6 am. Here’s the thing. While it may not have been on air, and why would it, Bubba would still be at the office around that time to , you know, prepare. He also claims to have witnesses to his every movement from 4:5o am and on. I speak for all of us here at Stunt Granny in offering, ewwwwww.

This really comes down to Bubba trying to get his name out there again since it has been an entire two weeks of no headlines about his conduct. He has been a disaster since getting in to TNA and shows more poor judgment on the company’s part. He is becoming a distraction, whether this turns out to be true or not, and it’s time to cut ties. His contributions to the Impact broadcast are minimal and his name value is tarnished if that was even possible. – Jeremy

Mick Foley, Terry Funk to be honored at wrestling museum, hall of fame

Foley Funk

The wrestling museum will never be the same.

Mick Foley and Terry Funk are among the honorees at this year’s George Tragos/Lou Thesz Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the Dan Gable International Wrestling Institute and Museum in Waterloo, Iowa. Terry Funk will be inducted into the hall of fame on Saturday, July 10, along with Paul “Butcher” Vachon, and posthumously Warren Bockwinkel (so look for son Nick to appear), George Gordienko and Stanislaus Zbyszko. Mick Foley will receive the Frank Gotch Award for bringing positive attention to wrestling outside of the sport, former WWF wrestler and road agent Rene Goulet will accept the Lou Thesz Award for in-ring work, and the Jim Melby Award for excellence in wrestling journalism will somehow not go to any of us but to J. Michael Kenyon, former sports writer for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

If history repeats itself, the museum will host a World League Wrestling event at Young Arena in Waterloo, Iowa, starting about 7 p.m. Friday, July 9, and the induction ceremony will take place at 11 a.m. Saturday, July 10 (a press release is coming down the pike in the next couple of weeks, so more details will come later). And don’t forget, I live in Iowa, which means I’m turning this into a humongous party if any grandkids decide to show up! (P.S. I am a huge hypocrite because a) I haven’t made fun of Foley here yet, and b) I’m excited to possibly meet him.) -Eric

Cactus Poking His Wife

These Cactus Wrens are getting ready to mate.

Mick Foley was on Opie & Anthony yesterday and told some good stories, but nothing worth reporting. Today on the show, Gregg “Opie” Hughes mentioned something worthy of doing so. Off air yesterday, Foley said that him and his wife had a sex tape. Even though Foley is not willing to bring in the video evidence, he is proposing bringing in the audio portion for airing on O&A on Friday. It’ll be interesting to find out if Foley has a barbed wire bat of his own. Let’s just hope that Foley didn’t look up at the mirror above his bed to see a creepy Abyss staring and clapping like a fucktard at him and his wife ready for the hot tag. – Kevin

Thanks to Opie & Anthony for reporting the news on Sirius 197 and XM 202 6 AM-11AM Weekdays. Make sure to look below for Eric & I reviewing part of Raw too.

Stunt Granny Audio #83

Eric has something shiny and new but it's not a phone.

Kevin & Eric team up for a nice and short Audio. They cover the opening segment of Raw that encompasses both of the World Title matches at WrestleMania. Where does Chris Jericho’s promo rank on Eric’s scale of 1 to 10? Did Kevin see this match coming before The Elimination Chamber pay per view? They also cover the gloating Mr. McMahon and how John Cena does keep his mood in the right framing during his promos. They close the show by talking about their second favorite piece of white trash in wrestling, Ric Flair. Kick back with a coffee, beer or whatever your favorite beverage is and enjoy!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #83

Stunt Granny Audio: Survivor Series Nostalgia

Prozac made its debut in 1987. So did the Survivor Series.

This marks the Stunt Granny audio debut of message boarder Zourah, who capably fills the role of “nostalgia expert.” He joins forces with Stunt Grandmother favorite Dusty to talk about the Survivor Series. How did it get its illustrious start? Why is Vince McMahon a hypocrite when it comes to predatory practices? Why did they switch from five-on-five matches to four-on-four matches, to regular singles matches and back again, and then back again? The crew attempts to answer all those questions and more as they hop on the Way Back Bus and journey through time and space in covering what was once one of WWE’s flagship pay-per-view shows. We hope you enjoy, or else there shall be dire consequences.

God damn this thing is long so we split it in to two parts kids!

Stunt Granny Audio Show- Survivor Series Nostalgia pt 1

Stunt Granny Audio Show- Survivor Series Nostalgia pt 2

The Undertaker is Indestructible

This clip is fucking awesome in its sheer bad-assery. It’s been long known than Undertaker is a weird dude who loves motorcycles, tattoos, skinny blonde chicks, the poon of skinny blonde chicks, and getting tattoos of names of skinny blonde chicks. (But he hates cucumbers. Go figure.)

Now, with this clip, it is chiseled in stone that he is the baddest of all asses anywhere ever. He walked through fire, people! And he didn’t even get burned! Yeah, he ran a little, but if you don’t think Jesus scampered tip-toed across water like a pansy, you are a fool.

And if you have a clip of a more baller human feat than this, post it. Oh, but no scat, gay porn or whiffle ball bats to the nuts, please. -Jeremy & Eric

Ric Flair assaulted by 17th wife, still basically white trash (now with 100% more mugshot)

Flair Hogan

"Got any other tours planned, Big Man? I smell another divorce!"

The hits just keep on comin’ for lottery ticket-scratchin’, 80-year-old penis flashin’, ROH-duckin’, 30-years-his-junior chick fuckin’, whiter-trash-than-Kurt-Angle WWE Hall of Famer and TNA flea market mascot Ric Flair. According to Prowrestling.net, Flair was assaulted Sunday night by the woman I believe to be his fourth wife, Jacqueline Beems. Hey, what happened to that Tiffany chick he was running around with? She was way hotter than his two daughters combined. Anyway, no word on what started the fight, but rumor has it Flair elbow-dropped her slippers in retaliation. According to the report, Flair suffered minor injuries but refused any treatment. He’ll probably just show up at divorce proceedings with a bandage on his forehead, then rip off a neck brace and smash everything with a baseball bat. WOOOO! -Eric

Oh and his blushing bride is soooo bootifu.-Jeremy

Personal effects my ass.

PWO – Season 3 – Episode 7

Sex Appeal was all over this episode.

As Brian Bender came to the ring, Joe Dombrowski said that his tag team partner Earnie Ballz could be on the shelf for an extended time. Matthew Justi was his opponent. Dombrowski noted that both wrestlers have been working hard in the gym. They split the offense early until Justice held onto an arm bar. Bender assaulted Justice in the corner. He irish whipped Justice into the opposite corner but got caught charging in with a back elbow.  Bender caught Justice coming off the second rope with a urinogi. Bender got Justice in a couple of reverse chin locks. Bender gave Justice a modified Samoan drop but made a cocky cover. Justice turned around the offense with a double axe handle to the stomach. Justice used his speed advatantage to hit and run. Justice got the win off a tope rope cross body block.

Analysis: Good match that highlighted Bender’s hesitancy without a tag team partner. Justice can certainly wrestle at a high level. The announcers were right to point out their bulking up and it doesn’t look unnatural.

Bobby Shields and Nicky Valentino were backstage. Shields said him and Bobby Beverly became the new tag team champions. Shields complimented his lawyers. They worked their contract so that any three of Sex Apeal can defend the belts. Valentino suggested a number of old timers as their tag team partners. Shields shrugged him off and said him & Valentino will be defending the belts tonight because Beverly is off training for his PWO Heavyweight Title match against Johnny Gargano. Shields said Beverly will bring the gold back to Sex Appeal. Shields closed by saying they will squash the pimple know as Fontaine’s Freaks tonight.

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